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vBulletin Style
man i love to have this vBulletin Style. will it ever get release.
Could you at least release the javascript for the DHTML menus?
Recent Oxide Skins
[Image: digitart2dt.gif]
please please i really would love to have a copy of the standard vbulletin
protocole cant you just zip up the files and upload them into these forums or get someone to help you with your coding issues etc?
whats the dhtml menu again? is that the vbulletin menu for the forums?
so u mean things like popup, dropdown menus etc
but anyway is there anythign u cna do to get that skin out
It's looking very nice, but too much as the default vB theme! I'd prefer if you had made some more subtle changes, e.g. colour and images. Right now, at a glance I'd actually think I'd be looking at a vB and I don't like that Wink
Peter Akkies
na i like mybb but i prefer the looks of vb
I wasn't saying I preferred MyBB looks! I must admit I prefer vB's look (although MyBB gold is a step in the right direction), but I don't like being under the impression of seeing a vB when it's a MyBB - gives a "no credit" feeling to me. No offence to the creator of the skin though, great work done.
Peter Akkies

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