side box ad rotation mod [request]
I have side boxes for ads etc; the option to have them rotate whatever i pu in them like the banner/header plug in would be ideal, does such update or mod exist?
can anyone point me in the right direction..
if this were available it would make less boxes needed and more space available to take advantage of.

I would also like to know if a mod could also be made to add the side box and the rotation of the box ads to the thread page with the same layout as the main page as to the box placements and side boxes.
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This might work although you might have to modify it a bit to go in the sidebox's
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what kind of modifications , would i need hascet?
coding changes?
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i have that for my banners ad already , but i need to get something for this to work on my side boxes, i enter each code for each ad and its a pain, and seems to be a better way to do things, i like the banners one for the top and bottom, but the side boxes ad is excellent if it had a rotator and a code place ment and counter for each click on each ad box added to each page used.
it doesnt also work on a thread page jus teh main page of the forum, but it works great!

it just needs some updating , for user friendly purposes like the banners one that zaher made.

his site is back up posted help but no answer.
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