how can i change attaching methode?
i want to upload my files to my host and don't use original methode of mybb in uploading files
i mean i want to change the methode of mybb to my own
originally in mybb files are uploaded by this methode: ==> 1234566_example.attach
but i love to use this methode:
$filename= "attachment id"+"file_name"+"file_ext"
like : ==>
so i want to do this and change the attachment download link in posts like this: ==>
i hope explanation is enough
Actually, MyBB renames the files for security reasons (so attackers don't upload and execute scripts on your server).
so how can i add resume cabability to my files
i mean when i want to download attached files i can't pause downloading it and resume later
Ever seen a FORUM system have a resume feature for downloading attachments ?
Files are like between 10kb && 2mb ...
MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!
i live in IRAN and here the average speed of internet is 7kb/sec ?!?!?!?!?!
i need it very much

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