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Editable post count
Many boards have this feature. Is there a way to edit a person's post count? I think it would be a good feature to have if you want to remove someone from a certain post based rank.
go to they have the MOD there!
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Thanks, didn't know.
In the next release of MyBulletinBoard you will be able to do this from the Admin CP Smile
In fact, myBB Gold will make obsolete several mods because they are either implemented or a better thing has been made.
Good to hear guys! Les adding code for my boards. Big Grin
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hmm, another thing. what I aaaaalways wanted to do in my forum - but never did - was an option for the user to change its username. There are two possibilities, the users are in the DB just with numbers or something, or there is one username which is the registered one, which is shown by default, and when there is anotherone filled in some field in the profile, the default is overridden all over the forum. Idea? Smile

The next version of MyBB will give users the option to change their username. Wink
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Is there something the next version does not add? Big GrinBig Grin

Changing usernames is already available in 2 ways. 1, the Admin has to specify which groups can change their names from the User CP. 2, If you can't, you can always PM the admin and they can change it from the Admin CP.

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