MyBB SEF Links (Search Engine Friendly Links)
How can I do the links under as in mybb forum. Smile

However it requires that you're host supports htaccess and mod-rewrite. If you aren't sure if you're host supports this, ask them as the mod will not function without these and are critical.

Btw, it's SEO links not SEF. SEF links are something different and are an enhancement/addition to SEO urls.

Mybb 1.4 will have SEO urls built in if you're host meets the requirements, although I wish SEF links would be implemented as well which the SEO mod lacks.
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Thank you @Xtreme2damax
But i want different form. Example:

is it possible ?
how can i do?
There's no mod as of yet that can give you the specific urls you want, however I imagine the existing SEO url mod can be re-written to do that if someone is willing to rewrite it.
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