A [username] tag thingy!
I have made a post on this in the mycode tutorials section of this forum, however that is not really a request.

I know there is a code for this kind of thing already where you put [user] somewhere on your forum and it appears as the user users name.

Eg my forum name was Barry, i could make a post,

[user] Smells really bad,
And it would come up as
Barry smells really bad
Big Grin!

So back to the plugin that already exists, AND works, however, this is only in threads and posts, i was wondering if it is possible to either expand the existing one so it can work on custom pages, which is another plugin i am using and basically used all over the forums.

I used to have a proboards forum, and i have just found the code over there which is similar, but its for proboards, duh Toungue
Proboards code can be found - http://socal.proboards26.com/index.cgi?b...hread=7067
Existing plugin is, http://mods.mybboard.net/view/show-name-mycode by Tikitiki
(Edit - Looking back at the existing mod, it only works in posts.)
So if someone is willing to accept my request for this plugin it would be greatly appreciated :]

Thanks, Rob

Edit - This may no longer need to be a request as i have been getting help over at my other post this this existing plugin and it now works with custom pages, once you see the first code to try, do not use it, continue on and you will find one which will let you use html aswell, it will make more sence when you look there :]

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