Discuss: Staff Team Additions and the Mentor Group
Congrats to all the new developers! Looking at the lineup I'm sure MyBB's going to be even more kick-lime.

Congrats too to the new mentors.
Looks like a good line-up. I was especially pleased to see that many new developers called in.

Thanks guys!
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Some good members there.

Hope it increases support Toungue
This is going to be great Smile
[Image: jag100sigaf5.jpg]
[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]
Congratulations all Smile

Special congrats to Pepo Wink
thanks Mamoun miss you mate long time!
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(2008-06-21, 12:09 AM)flick Wrote: Congratulations to everyone, especially to judel, who I believe really deserves the official recognition!

Thanks flick. Mighty kind of you! Wink

(2008-06-21, 08:14 AM)yottabytewizard Wrote: Thanks guys!
Now, there's a name I've never seen before. I guess it's a welcome back AND a congrats on making staff? Toungue

If I post in your thread, please do not PM me for more help! Thanks!

Thanks, guys! It's really exciting to be part of the team. Can't wait to start working on the code!

Please do not PM me about problems you might be having with MyBB. Post a thread, and someone on the support or development team will take a look at it.

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