News Header?
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I was looking for a type of news box header for my index page.
Just something simple where i could type in needed news info and such.

This comes in handy for making quick announcements and messages that everyone sees when viewing the index. Never gets missed.

If possible, i would like it under this
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[Image: th_23937_01_122_786lo.JPG]

I did a quick pic on how it might look Smile
[Image: th_23941_02_122_747lo.JPG]

I once had this mod when i used phpbb2 a few years ago.
In the acp you could type in the shown info and all text was centered nicely.
You could turn it off and on when needed and it also supported all the bbcode just like the rest of the board.

There may be something like this here already for mybb, but i have not found anything.

This may be a lot to ask, i do not know.. just wondering Angel
Thanks in advance for any info i can get about this handy mod.
Looks like this may do..

I will test it now Smile
This is perfect, just what i was looking for.

100% recommended Smile

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