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Changing the "localhost" to an url
ok, my friend wants a forum but his hosting company do not have mysql databases and so he wants to set it up off my database, which is at (IP

when i try to change the host to either or these during install it says:

Sorry, but we could not connect to the database server you specified with the username and password.

The error was:
Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (Using password: YES)

please help!
I don't think any provider is going to allow an outside url to access their database server...

If you can't resolve it, and your friend wants to remain with his host, and wants a forum that doesn't need a MySQL database etc... And is quite good. Get him to email me... and put MyBB in the subject line.

Else he could approach one of the free MyBB hosts here.............. at the forum.

[Image: calvin2.gif]
If you use cPanel, you can go into the MySQL Database section, and go down to the Access Hosts part and add one that allows your friend's server to access your database server. If you have another control panel, look for something similar in the MySQL section, maybe access IPs or some other weird words.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Will it really affect forum performance if the database is not on localhost?
Ive just discovered my new hosting company doesnt have them available to localhost.

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