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"Go Back" on errors
Something that would be useful for members is a "Go Back" when they get an error on the forum. (Like a database error, invalid message, invalid profile, ect)

Cant this be done like
? Doesn't seem like a hard change.
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Umm, how would that accomplish anything? They'll just wonder wtf did it just go back for. If they want to go back it's 1 simple click in Firefox and about every browser there is.
I think he means, still show the error, but have a "Go back" link on the page.
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Ah, well that is possible, though I don't ever see it being used. They would just click their back button.
True, it may just be me though but I find it easier near the error. I dont know why.:X
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(07-07-2008, 02:15 AM)shadow82x Wrote: Doesn't seem like a hard change.

You can simply place it in the errors template. I don't think it really needs to be incorporated into the template by default. As Tikitiki said, it acts the same as a browser "Back" button, and all browsers have back buttons. I think it would only be needed if it could guarantee that all the submitted form input is retained, but with just the Javascript you provided this isn't possible.
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