Welcome to PR2
Okay, as some of you may have seen, these forums were exploited previously by a new exploit which was found in MyBB but not posted in an advisory anywhere. The only damage done to the boards was the announcement's forum was cleared of all existing threads.

I'd also like to welcome you to MyBB 1.0 PR2, the current version of MyBB released to testers and the version we expect to bring you very shortly.

We're still working on it, if you find any bugs please feel free to let us know however so we can release to you a very stable product that is also very secure.

I thought I should add, the reason why I didn't restore the contents of the announcements forum was because the latest backup I had was based on Sunday and for some reason the server failed to notify me via text message when the backup script failed to run earlier today.

Sorry about the downtime, but we're back!

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