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Please review my design !
Thanks mates. ! I just wanted a simple and good design ! Smile
It's basically the default design... =/
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Yea... well here I have a problem because when i want to upload that xml file is not working Sad
dude you took firefoxwiz's copyright off. thats wrong... You should put it back on the forum.
[Image: mybbsig.php]
dude, i told you that is not working to upload the theme.xml file Sad
you could easily put a link in the footer
[Image: mybbsig.php]
I like the icons! Smile
Thanks mates. I am glad you like it.
I used google transulate to transulate the page. Smile

I suggest you use a different host or take out the ad at the top cause it ruins the color scheme. Other than that it's nice, I really like the theme, it matches good. I like it other than the ad at the top cause it's annoying and ruins the theme. Big Grin
The icons suc as the mouse, ?, etc are free to use as those weren't designed by FFWIZ.

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