Option to hide smilies...
A number of members on my forum have asked if they can turn the smilies off for one reason or another. Some would want to save time when browsing over dial-up and others are looking to make it less obvious they're on a forum at work.

I think its a good idea, it would be cool if people could open up their usercp and turn off smilies altogether.
Not really a solution, but personally, I just disable images altogether Toungue
- Saves bandwidth and time
- Makes it harder for others to see what you're doing, from looking at graphics that is
A good solution for the right problem, but you're right, not this one. Some users are passionate smiliey users (I've added a few dozen for them) and others want to hide them for the aforementioned reasons. Hopefully someone can put something together for MyBB 1.4. I don't imagine it would be that difficult..

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