Admin has colored posts
I dont know how to explain in english, but i'll try.

In "viewtopic" all posts from any administrator are colored.

So, i am admin, and every post from me, is #fefefe

It is something like the blog on this website, wehere all posts from a admin are light green. Look at the attachements.

Hope you understand me.

Otherwise, i try to explain with screens.

Excuses for my bad english.Angel

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Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Holland.Dodgy
Would it work for you, if instead of colouring the bar at the top there, there was an extra <div wrapped around the post that you could choose the colour of ??

That might look orange on some designs, and I'm no designer ... but to do what you want would take template edits me thinks, more of a mod than a plugin maybe ....

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