Mybb 1.4 Plugin requests
here are few plugins i need for my mybb 1.4 installation

Log onto someone elses account without there password (admin tool)
(admins can click on a uses profile and there be a link log onto account)

Rules page (exists on 1.2 but i need it for 1.4)
Modnotice (exists on 1.2 but i need it for 1.4)
Private message admin (exists on 1.2 but i need it for 1.4)

thats what i need for mybb 1.4 at this current time well there is others like a shoutbox but its in the process of being coded so the above is what i need people to start coding for me
The Private Message Admin will be converted, but you have to know that in fact MyBB 1.4 isn't released yet, it's just a beta which you can test.
yeh i know i am just trying to get mods for it so when the final is out i can update my live production forums so i can put them strait on
I'm pretty sure that you're not the only one who'll be wanting mods/plug ins created for the new version of MyBB. You just have to be patient, there's no point in folks creating mods/plug ins yet, untill the "final" release is out, what's the point of them creating them, only to have to change them as changes are made to 1.4.

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