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000webhost -> MyBB
Ok apparently I learned how to do it now.. I zipped all of it up, pasted it on the net2ftp on File Manager in the CP, now, when I go to my site, I simply get :

Quote:MyBB Error
MyBB has generated a critical error and as a result cannot function correctly.
MyBB Said:
Error Code: board_not_installed
Your board has not yet been installed and configured. Please do so before attempting to browse it.
Please try clicking the Refresh button in your web browser to see if this corrects this problem.
We apologise for any inconvenience.
MyBB 1.2.13
you must go to
to install your forum
Official Arabic Translator.
Don't forget to CHMOD the correct files if you haven't already.
What is CHMOD? And 1 more thing, what webhosting allows warez/hacking?

Hopefully its free, but I wanna look for ones thats cheap, because very little are free and allow warez/hacking. Which Payed Hosting is the best? buy-host?
(07-13-2008, 03:21 AM)The3rdNipple Wrote: What is CHMOD?
(argh) ->

Quote:Required Changes

The files and folders that require CHMODing for MyBB to install are

filename CHMOD Permission
inc/config.php 666
inc/settings.php 666
uploads/ 777
uploads/avatars/ 777

[edit] Optional Changes

The files and folders that may be CHMOD for extra functionality are

filename CHMOD Permission
inc/languages/english/ 777
admin/backups/ 777
css/ 777

So I use 000webhost as well so layman's terms

On net2FTP, select the files/folders that you need to CHMOD and click (gasp) CHMOD on the top-right corner. And set the above permissions

After that then go to ->


Make sure you have a MySQL database installed
not many free hosts allow warez or illegal content if any. watch yourself.
Are you an avatar movie fan?
[Image: avatarzd.png]
I know one, but they only allow warez links (so you cannot put warez in their server, upload them somewhere else). Woeps Hosting.

It's a post 4 host. It has 5 GB space and bandwith. 1 SQL databases, 1 parked domain, etc. (don't worry, admin said they're improving this).
But you know what? I don't trust these post 2 host thing Sad they just come and leave very soon, as they see that they don't get profit, there are only three Free host I can trust on them,

I don't trust any one else then them Smile they rock!


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