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Anybody wanna job??!!!
Hi all, new here, first post and all that.

What I'm after is this:

I have had a forum for about eight months now which is doing quite well apart from one thing. When I started the forum I had no idea how it would go and gave it a name that is completely irrelevant the forum content, hence potential forum members are unable to find my forum by a Google search alone. I have since purchased a relevant domain name and all I need now is for someone who has sufficient PC knowledge to take a phpBB backup file, convert it, and integrate it into a new myBB forum.

I don't expect something for nothing and would be prepared to pay a reasonable amount for anyones time and trouble (as long as you've got a Paypal account) so if there's anyone interested then please PM me for more details

Your domain has very little if anything at all to do with how your site is indexed. It has to do with meta tags and description.

To convert from phpBB to MyBB you can use the conversion script the developers have already written. Which can be found here.
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But it sounds like he wants to also combine 2 databases after it's converted.

Edit: NVM I didn't know it also combined MyBB databases. That's probably why I never understood why it was called merge system.Blush
Right guys, this is the situation............

The new myBB forum is up and running although there are no posts or users on it yet. I have an up to date backup file for the old phpBB forum which is currently locked so as not to accumulate any more posts which can't be retrieved. A search for my forum type is already coming up on page 4 of Google. What I haven't mentioned yet is the guy who is supposed to be doing it for me seems to have gone AWOL, although I do know why and I don't want to hassle him about it.

While I am quite capable of running a forum, the whole process of converting phpBB to myBB is over my head and I wouldn't know where to start. I did have a look at the link Hascet but it's all a little beyond me.

Any takers??!!
It's pretty simple actually. Download this

And follow this to use it
Heh. If you wanna get PhpBB to merge with MyBB out the backup into a database and just run the merge tool.
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Listen up lads, I know you mean well but all this stuff is a bit beyond me Blush

This is why I'm offering HARD CASH to anybody who wants to take it on!!Big Grin

PM me for the details
its easy to do just follow the directions and you'll be fine.
It's weird but most people on the site don't like doing easy work form money Exclamation I think if I did this one it would feel like stealing Undecided.
(07-13-2008, 09:11 PM)NetSage Wrote: It's weird but most people on the site don't like doing easy work form money Exclamation I think if I did this one it would feel like stealing Undecided.

Yeah I think we all think its free so why have people ask to buy things when its easy to do. I don't think we are vb type of a place do you.

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