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ok i have a forum that atm is running on phpbb,
i would like to convert it to mybb.

i have tried several times to use the merger thing, and i cant et past the part where it says enter you phpbb database info, i think i am doing somthing wrong,
please help, i need this forum up and running asap
What's the problem your having exactly? I mean is there an error or something?
well, im not very good with database stuff, and i dont think im entering it in right, cause it says that somthing is not entered right

i think its the table prefix, how do you find out what that is
Look in phpmyadmin. What ever you see before the "_" is the table prefix with the "_" so like if you see "mybb" before the _ the table prefix is "mybb_".

I hope it helps Undecided
ok, thanks, that worked, except now, i dont know the password, cause the phpbb was created automaticaly, and it never told me the password
You'll need to ask your webhost then, or take a look at your phpBB configuration information.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member

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