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Can't view in Internet Explorer
Hi there,

I installed my forum via Firefox, and when I try to access it via Internet Explorer, the homepage loads, but when you click a link I get 'this page cannot be displayed'

It doesn't always work in firefox though, I still get the same error sometimes. It usually works in firefox when I am logged in.

I'm not sure if this is the case with anyone else, but here is the forum URL:

Thanks very much Smile
Maybe try re-installing it?
I just noticed something ..
The page almost fully loads but then it redirects to the cant load page ..
If you click back & stop really quickly you see the forum all the way down to the board statistics then it stops loading & goes to the cant load page ..
I would look into that part of the forum to see if something is there that shouldnt be.

Then again .. clicking other links, they 'dont load' either .. thats very strange .. I would think its something in the theme, maybe in the footer since it loads to around there then dies.
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I have the same problem..
no is the Template..
I have Also 000webhost and IE no load.. Sad
But if the forum is in mantenience chargue..
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This is not the fault of MyBB .. I also used 000webhost for a lot of times, infact just installed one of my forum on it today. And that is working OK! But before when I installed a forum on this host, it had the same problem, so it's the problem of 000webhost. Please contact them for more better suggestion Wink


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