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Big Grin 
I put together this site for my wife. It's a site/forum targetting women who suffer from bum mother-in-laws. (Yes, I don't like my mother, either. I love her. Don't like her, though.) Made some changes to the template, added some advertisements... etc.

Check it out:
Main site:
Forums: - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
lol oh my - when I was married I didn't get along with the inlaws either.
Excellent theme with good images. Well done.
Very nice. I never liked pink tho. lol
Snake Wrote:I never liked pink tho. lol

Hey, it's for women. lol - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
I'm redesigning the board. I think it's looking pretty good so far. - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
Very good use of pink. It's a kind of tricky colour to master, and I believe you've used it wisely. Good Work.

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