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(2008-08-05, 10:36 AM)Paretje Wrote:
(2008-08-05, 12:03 AM)incadudeF Wrote: getting this error:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
    1146 - Table 'db226806307.mybb_mybb_settings' doesn't exist
    INSERT INTO mybb_mybb_settings (`name`,`title`,`description`,`optionscode`,`value`,`disporder`,`gid`) VALUES ('shoutbox_ajax_pages','Show On Pages','Do you want to show the AJAX shoutbox on each page, or do you want to show it only on some settable pages?','yesno','no','16','21') 

Strange error. Can you try this plugin-file:

Same error. This is the only thing keeping me from updating. I was using Spicefuse ajax shoutbox. Anyway to get that to work with 1.4?
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Hey Paretje Bro

i intstalled this on mybb 1.4 and it's working good except for two things.

1) When i enter a shout in the box and click "Enter" nothing happens. I mean I have to Click "Add Shout" with mouse.. .. enter button does not work for me.

2) you said that the header of shoutbox gives option to edit and delete shouts . but to me the header does not give any options instead .. clicking the header opens a popup .. which displayes the index page again.

BTW i don't know if i did it right.. but intstalled musicalmidgets plugin and then installed yours and now i have deavtivated shoutbox plugin and only yours ajax plugin is ON .. well thus i am getting shoutbox settings in settings and i can see shoutbox on index page.

have i done right?


umm.. and yea it does not auto-refresh for me.
It is like it refreshes only when i shout

BTW.. if there is newer verison on the way .. no need to solve this problem.. coz I will be waiting for the spicefuse one too..
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@People with problems with MyBB 1.4: I will make two versions, this weekend Wink

1) That's true

2) Yes, it has to show a popup with the Shoutbox, but the SHoutbox plugin has to be activated, of course.

edit) There is no autorefresh: there is a refresh button and a Add Shout button.
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will be waiting for the newer verion for 1.4 Smile
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Is there any way to add the edit feature for your "wrapper"? That's the only issue I have with it so far (since I have to open the popup window for MM's to edit it).
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i get the same error as incadudeF, is there a fix for it?

i'v seen this error multiple times already, - my forum prefix doubling up and throwing errors... waht causes this? is there a way to fix it once and for all
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Yep same problem here aswell, and my friend. The plugin used to work fine for me though on 1.4 have you updated it? Hope you do fix it soon Big Grin
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I installed Shoutbox but my forum don't show Shoutbox on Indexpage. And I don't find Setting Shoutbox in AdminCP like picture in this thread.
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i wish there was fonts and colors and smiles with the shoutbox
Coming soon..
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that will be awesome, smilies and fonts and colours founts

great idea

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