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Underground Lounge - Unleash Yourself
Underground Forums- Unleash Yourself
Domain coming within a couple days!
The logo has to change with our new slogan so sorry about that!

The Underground Fourms is a little about everything: Music, Movies, TV, Comdedy, Computers, Video Games, Clans, Graphics, Downloads, Sports.

We also have news. So far we have Recent News, Sports News, and Technology News. Be sure to stay up to date!

We also offer contests, and have little prizes for the members.

We are proudly using MyBB 1.2.14 and most likely will upgrade to MyBB 1.4 once I can get a good amount of mods that I like for it, so I don't loose too much.

Well, thats pretty much it, check it out, register, tell your friends!

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