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Installs, but cannot view
I am having a serious issue with installing a forum on GoDaddy. I have has this issue with MyBB as well as SMF. I can install both fine, with no trouble or errors. ...but when I go to the homepage after the installation I get this:
[Image: a3hyci.png]

^^ Nothing, I even put in the page source to show. What is the problem? Am I doing something wrong? I'll be on the IRC later tonight (~7 or 8 hours). Thanks in advance.

P.S. I emailed Godaddy support, and they pretty much brushed me off, saying they can't (or won't) help with 3rd party apps.
Well.., now I can see another forum so, I can't see what happened to MyBB.
This thread is over a month old NoRules... I've installed different forum software since then.
Oops! Blush

As I saw a thread without answer I use to read it without notice the date...

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