Not Solved where I can find like this theme ?
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Hi All,

Am glad to use MyBB because it has a lot of nice things that I couldn't find it in any other bb scripts

I would like to know, from where I can get like this theme I liked the colors a lot, and when I went throw it, I found it, its using its own Css file:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="plus3.css" />

I downloaded the Css file, and I went throw it also, and I tried to test it, but, it gave me bad result, because as I think they did a lot of changes in the theme it self by calling the each CLASS by its name from the Css file

can anyone who's good in Css help me in this ?

Thanks a lot and waiting a reply
Not Solved
You could try the front page and get the 'cool blue' theme.

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