Email sending manager
Thrre are many hosts that limits the number of emails that you can send.

A plugin would be very handy that could prevent, for example, mass emails to be sent straight away, instead it would put the emails in a queue so the emails would be sent in packs in a predefined timeframe.

vbulletin has a mod like this:

I think it would be very useful for big forums with many users as well and those who uses mass emails and newsletters frequently, it could prevent server overloads.

Or maybe if this feature could be implemented in future mybb releases that would awesome.
I believe MyBB 1.4 has this. It's implemented as a task (AdminCP -> Tools -> Tasks -> Mass Mail), and the number of emails to send each time can be set when you send the mass mail (the Per Page value).
Vow, I missed that part thanks.

so the mass email under users & Groups and the mass mail in task manager are connected? So when I send a mass mail it automatically sends emails according to the settings in the masss mail task?

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