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Forum Time Wrong
I am in British Summer Time (BST) so I have set MyBB to be GMT and it shows the correct GMT time which is 1 hour behind BST. However, on checking the Day Light Savings Time option to Yes, it makes no difference - it is still 1 hour behind.

Is the time picked up from the ISPs server? Even so, I would have thought that checking the DLST on/off might have made a difference.
Now I've reverted back to the standard MyBB theme due to an "Authorisation Code Mismatch" error with the Webmaster theme, the time is now showing correctly so I feel that the time display issue is also perhaps related to the theme as well.

Moral of the story: do all the set up and configuring under the standard MyBB theme so you can see what is going on rather than having issues masked or introduced by the theme itself.
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