Translation Instructions for MyBB 1.6
Hy there. My name is Palaghianu Andrei and I am from Romania. Me and one of my friends recently launched the mybbRomania Forum. Now I wanna translate it in romanian and I would have some question for you.
1.Are they any instruction for how to translate Mybb 1.6?
2.Is there a legal thing to make this translation and other registered people can download it from our forum?

I really wanna make this translate. Please, if you have some free time, help in this.
Problem resolved. Thx anyway. I'll be back soon with a Romanian Language Pack. But i have this question in my mind. Can we put this language pack on our site for download?Is it legal?
You may put the language pack on a site of your own, yes.
i want to translate all the text in the forum to the selected language is there any plugin to convert it.
(2011-01-13, 03:01 AM)johnymyname Wrote: i want to translate all the text in the forum to the selected language is there any plugin to convert it.

No, there is no plugin for converting a language into your desired languiages, however there is one plugin which converts "posts" language into your desired language: & .
How can I check my translation is correct or not?
Can I have some sample output of every *.lang.php file?
Can i translate this into Albanian :?:
I use MyBB 1.8xx

I want translate to Indonesia. Just change code in language pack? Coz, just now I have not been find Indonesia language pack for MyBB 1.8xx. I think this make helpful for user in our website forum.

Anyone can help?
webmi, I can't help with translating, not any good in maleis Smile, but one good thing to use is winmerge, then you can load english on one side, and load a new english on the other side, the one you are going to translate.
(so make a copy of english language, rename it to maleis/indonesian, and load both into winmerge, one language file at the time. Save and you are good to go.

When Mybb gets an update (just like for a couple of days ago), you can load the files mybb have made changes in, and the one you have already translated, and you will then see the difference, winmerge gives color where there is a diff
Thank you!! Great explanation.
Sure, you can also update the language lines via the Admin CP (Configuration > Languages), whenever you have to set the data allowances correctly (i.e. admit the language files to be inscribed forms). The preparations were performed before this functionality was prepared. For German translations you can also visit this website Aussie German Translations Services (

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