Translation Instructions for MyBB 1.6
This thread contains instructions on how to translate MyBB into another language and can serve as a guide for new translators. This information was last updated at 30th July, 2008. Please read this entire thread if you have a question. If you are sure the answer is not mentioned below, feel free to post a reply.

1. Introduction
2. Getting started
3. Translating text strings
4. Translating other items (e.g. images)
5. Proofreading
6. Finishing steps

Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers who have translated MyBB in the past it is now available in a great number of languages other than English. If you see that a language pack for a language you speak fluently (very preferably your native language) is not available yet, then you can become one of those volunteers yourself by translating MyBB.

Translating is a simple task: you have to translate all English text into your language. It is not difficult, but it is time-consuming. You could try to find someone else that can help you translate and split the work in two. You could also do all the work yourself, if you wish. This thread should contain all the information you need.

In the MyBB download package you will find the folder inc/languages/. In it you will find a file named english.php and a folder named english. You should copy those to another location (e.g. the desktop) and change the names to the language you will translate into. You should try to use lowercase letters from a to z without any special diacritics. Using the English name for your language is probably best. For example, if you were to translate into German you could use the name german. However, if you think it is better to use another name, for example german96 to indicate you are using the new German spelling (spelling reform or Rechtschreibereform 1996), feel free to do so. After renaming the file and folder move them back to the folder inc/languages/.

Say you have chosen the name newlang for your translation. Open the file newlang.php with a text editor of your choice (such as Notepad++). You will see the following (or very similar) lines:
// The friendly name of the language
$langinfo['name'] = "English (American)";

// The author of the language
$langinfo['author'] = "MyBulletinBoard";

// The language authors website
$langinfo['website'] = "";

// Compatible version of MyBB
$langinfo['version'] = "1400";

// Sets if the translation includes the Admin CP (1 = yes, 0 = no)
$langinfo['admin'] = 1;

// Sets if the language is RTL (Right to Left) (1 = yes, 0 = no)
$langinfo['rtl'] = 0;

// Sets the lang in the <html> on all pages
$langinfo['htmllang'] = "en";

// Sets the character set, blank uses the default.
$langinfo['charset'] = "UTF-8";

You need to change these values for your language pack.
  • Change the friendly name of your language to the name you wish the users to see. For German you could use Deutsch, for French you could use Français, for Spanish you could use Español, and so on. If you are using special non-alphabetical characters or diacritics, such as the ~ above the n in ñ, you should make sure these will display properly. You can use HTML entities (such as &ntilde;) or save the file UTF-8 encoded. You might need to play with it a bit to see what works for your language. For more information on character encoding see Wikipedia.

  • You can put your name (or nickname) as the author of the language pack. This will be displayed in the Admin CP.
  • You can also enter a website address if you have your own website. Otherwise, you could, for example, put the link to your profile on these Community Forums there.
  • The compatible version should be set to the same value that is being used in english.php. It indicates for which version of MyBB the translation is meant.
  • If you have also translated (or are going to translate) the Admin CP into your language you need to set the next value to 1. If you set it to 0 the English language files will be used for the Admin CP.
  • If your language is read from right-to-left set the next value to 1 as well, otherwise leave it 0.
  • Change the "en" to the 2-letter code for your language. You can find this code at this page.
  • Change the character set to the set for your language if your language requires a different character set. You can find such codes at pages like this page. You should certainly try and see if UTF-8 works for you before changing this value.
After this has been done you can start the real work.

In inc/languages/newlang/ you will find the language files for MyBB, ending in .lang.php. You can open these with a text editor. Every language file looks the same way and very similar to the following snippet from akismet.lang.php:
 * MyBB 1.4 English Language Pack
 * Copyright © 2008 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: akismet.lang.php 3790 2008-04-23 22:50:33Z Tikitiki $

$l['spam'] = "Spam";

$l['post_spam_success'] = "The post(s) has been marked as spam successfully.";
$l['thread_spam_success'] = "The thread has been marked as spam successfully.";

$l['akismet_error'] = "Akismet Error";
It starts with <?php and ends with ?>. At the beginning you will find a comment block that is not used and can be removed if you wish. You can also leave it there or change the comments to something useful for you, for example when you last modified the file. After the comment block you will find the text strings. They all have the form
$l['variable'] = "Text string";
You should translate the text between double quotes from English to your language for all text strings. Do not change the text between single quotes (i.e. variable in this example). Make sure every such line ends with a semicolon. The job is simple: translate all such strings, in all language files. As I said, it's not difficult, only time-consuming [Image: wink.gif]

The strings for the Board Settings page in the Admin CP are not found in the language files. You can translate them, though. Simply copy the strings in the next post and paste them in inc/languages/newlang/admin/config_settings.lang.php after the last string and before the ?>.

To check your translations you can set up a copy of MyBB and set it to use your language. Go to the User CP and select the language you are translating into on the Edit Options page. The friendly name you have given your language will be used in the list there. Note that you will need to re-upload every file to the server if you make any changes to it if you are not directly altering the files on your server. You can change the language to be used in the Admin CP from the Board Settings page.

The image files for the buttons can be found in images/english/. You can create a new folder images/newlang/, copy all buttons from images/english/ to images/newlang/ and replace them by buttons with text in your language (the font used is Trebuchet MS). If you are familiar with an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop you can also use the MyBB Image GDK:

.psd   mybb_images.psd (Size: 585.48 KB / Downloads: 674)

The image files for the group images can be foud in images/groupimages/english/. You can create a new folder images/groupimages/newlang/, copy all images from images/groupimages/english/ to images/groupimages/newlang/ and replace them by buttons with text in your language. As you see the buttons are still using the old style. For those a PSD file also exists, made by madmax:

.psd   groupimages_eng.psd (Size: 221.55 KB / Downloads: 899)

Apart from the images there is also a language file for the installer (install/resources/language.lang.php), however, it does not contain all text for the installer and you might therefore consider not translating it but simply creating a document in your language with instructions on how to install MyBB. In addition, most people will be knowledgeable enough to install MyBB with English instructions so this doesn't have a high priority.

After all the translating has been done be sure to check your translation extensively. Have other native speakers check it, point out mistakes and make suggestions. Check, double check and triple check everything to make sure your translation is of a very high quality. You could post a thread in the Internationalization forum to recruit proofreaders.

After you have completed the five steps above you are ready to offer your language pack for public download. A language pack is a zip archive with the translated files in it. It should at least contain
- all the files in inc/languages/newlang/
- all the files in images/newlang/
- all the files in images/groupimages/newlang/
- an English readme file
- a localised readme file

The English readme file is so that administrators who do not speak the language can install it nonetheless. You can find a template for an English readme file here:

.html   readme.html (Size: 11 KB / Downloads: 4,391)

You can edit it to include the English name of your language. Make sure the folder structure mentioned in the readme file matches the folder structure in your archive. Please also ensure that your readme mentions whether or not you have translated the Admin CP as well and adjust the readme file accordingly.

After that you can translate the English readme file into your language. That way users who don't speak English well but do speak your language can install the language pack easily. Name the translated file logically, e.g. "lesemich" in German or "lisezmoi" in French.

After you have created the language pack, please contact us via Private Inquiries and inform him that you've translated MyBB. We will see to it that it gets placed on the download page. Additionally, you can post a thread in the Internationalization forum with information about your language pack. We have created a sample text you can use for this thread:

.txt   thread template.txt (Size: 1.99 KB / Downloads: 893)

You should translate the sample English text into your language, an English translation is not required. You may add or omit paragraphs if you wish. Please note carefully that you should try not to post the language pack itself in your discussion thread: after each update you need to notify Tochjo so he can upload the new version for download from the main page.

If you have any questions left, feel free to post them in this thread. Thank you in advance for your translation efforts!
// Below are the strings for all the settings and setting groups
// Setting Groups
$l['setting_group_onlineoffline'] = "Board Online / Offline";
$l['setting_group_onlineoffline_desc'] = "These settings allow you to globally turn your forums online or offline, and allow you to specify a reason for turning them off.";

$l['setting_group_general'] = "General Configuration";
$l['setting_group_general_desc'] = "This section contains various settings such as your board name and url, as well as your website name and url.";

$l['setting_group_server'] = "Server and Optimization Options";
$l['setting_group_server_desc'] = "These options allow you to set various server and optimization preferences allowing you to reduce the load on your server, and gain better performance on your board.";

$l['setting_group_datetime'] = "Date and Time Formats";
$l['setting_group_datetime_desc'] = "Here you can specify the different date and time formats used to display dates and times on the forums.";

$l['setting_group_forumhome'] = "Forum Home Options";
$l['setting_group_forumhome_desc'] = "This section allows you to manage the various settings used on the forum home (index.php) of your boards such as enabling and disabling different features.";

$l['setting_group_forumdisplay'] = "Forum Display Options";
$l['setting_group_forumdisplay_desc'] = "This section allows you to manage the various settings used on the forum display (forumdisplay.php) of your boards such as enabling and disabling different features.";

$l['setting_group_showthread'] = "Show Thread Options";
$l['setting_group_showthread_desc'] = "This section allows you to manage the various settings used on the thread display page (showthread.php) of your boards such as enabling and disabling different features.";

$l['setting_group_member'] = "User Registration and Profile Options";
$l['setting_group_member_desc'] = "Here you can control various settings with relation to user account registration and account management.";

$l['setting_group_posting'] = "Posting";
$l['setting_group_posting_desc'] = "These options control the various elements in relation to posting messages on the forums.";

$l['setting_group_memberlist'] = "Member List";
$l['setting_group_memberlist_desc'] = "This section allows you to control various aspects of the board member listing (memberlist.php), such as how many members to show per page, and which features to enable or disable.";

$l['setting_group_reputation'] = "Reputation";
$l['setting_group_reputation_desc'] = "The reputation system allows your users to rate others and leave a comment on the user. This section has settings to disable and change other aspects of the reputation page (reputation.php).";

$l['setting_group_warning'] = "Warning System Settings";
$l['setting_group_warning_desc'] = "The warning system allows forum staff to warn users for rule violations. Here you can manage the settings that control the warning system.";

$l['setting_group_privatemessaging'] = "Private Messaging";
$l['setting_group_privatemessaging_desc'] = "Various options with relation to the MyBB Private Messaging system (private.php) can be managed and set here.";

$l['setting_group_calendar'] = "Calendar";
$l['setting_group_calendar_desc'] = "The board calendar allows the public and private listing of events and members' birthdays. This section allows you to control and manage the settings for the Calendar.";

$l['setting_group_whosonline'] = "Who's Online";
$l['setting_group_whosonline_desc'] = "Various settings regarding the Who is Online functionality.";

$l['setting_group_portal'] = "Portal Settings";
$l['setting_group_portal_desc'] = "The portal page compiles several different pieces of information about your forum, including latest posts, who's online, forum stats, announcements, and more. This section has settings to control the aspects of the portal page (portal.php).";

$l['setting_group_search'] = "Search System";
$l['setting_group_search_desc'] = "The various settings in this group allow you to make changes to the built in search mechanism for threads and posts in MyBB,";

$l['setting_group_clickablecode'] = "Clickable Smilies and BB Code";
$l['setting_group_clickablecode_desc'] = "This section allows you to change how the clickable smilies inserter appears.";

$l['setting_group_cpprefs'] = "Control Panel Preferences (Global)";
$l['setting_group_cpprefs_desc'] = "This section allows you to set the global preferences for the Admin Control Panel.";

$l['setting_group_mailsettings'] = "Mail settings";
$l['setting_group_mailsettings_desc'] = "This section allows you to control various aspects of the MyBB mail system, such as sending with PHP mail or with a off server SMTP server.";

// Settings (and their options)
// Settings for group "Board Online / Offline"
$l['setting_boardclosed'] = "Board Closed";
$l['setting_boardclosed_desc'] = "If you need to close your forums to make some changes or perform an upgrade, this is the global switch. Viewers will not be able to view your forums, however, they will see a message with the reason you specify below.<br /><br /><strong>Administrators will still be able to view the forums.</strong>";

$l['setting_boardclosed_reason'] = "Board Closed Reason";
$l['setting_boardclosed_reason_desc'] = "If your forum is closed, you can set a message here that your visitors will be able to see when they visit your forums.";

// Settings for group "General Configuration"
$l['setting_bbname'] = "Board Name";
$l['setting_bbname_desc'] = "The name of your message boards. We recommend that it is not over 75 characters.";

$l['setting_bburl'] = "Board URL";
$l['setting_bburl_desc'] = "The url to your forums.<br />Include the http://. Do NOT include a trailing slash.";

$l['setting_homename'] = "Homepage Name";
$l['setting_homename_desc'] = "The name of your homepage. This will appear in the footer with a link to it.";

$l['setting_homeurl'] = "Homepage URL";
$l['setting_homeurl_desc'] = "The full URL of your homepage. This will be linked to in the footer along with its name.";

$l['setting_adminemail'] = "Admin Email";
$l['setting_adminemail_desc'] = "The administrator's email address. This will be used for outgoing emails sent via the forums.";

$l['setting_returnemail'] = "Return Email";
$l['setting_returnemail_desc'] = "The email address for incoming replies to outgoing emails sent via the forums and is useful for no-reply accounts. Leave blank to use the admin email address instead.";

$l['setting_contactlink'] = "Contact Us Link";
$l['setting_contactlink_desc'] = "This will be used for the Contact Us link on the bottom of all the forum pages. Can either be an email address (using mailto:[email protected]) or a hyperlink.";

$l['setting_bblanguage'] = "Default language";
$l['setting_bblanguage_desc'] = "The default language that MyBB should use for guests and for users without a selected language in their user control panel.";

$l['setting_cookiedomain'] = "Cookie Domain";
$l['setting_cookiedomain_desc'] = "The domain which cookies should be set to. This can remain blank. It should also start with a . so it covers all subdomains.";

$l['setting_cookiepath'] = "Cookie Path";
$l['setting_cookiepath_desc'] = "The path which cookies are set to, we recommend setting this to the full directory path to your forums with a trailing slash.";

$l['setting_cookieprefix'] = "Cookie Prefix";
$l['setting_cookieprefix_desc'] = "A prefix to append to all cookies set by MyBB. This is useful if you wish to install multiple copies of MyBB on the one domain or have other software installed which conflicts with the names of the cookies in MyBB. If not specified, no prefix will be used.";

$l['setting_showvernum'] = "Show Version Numbers";
$l['setting_showvernum_desc'] = "Allows you to turn off the public display of version numbers in MyBB.";

$l['setting_captchaimage'] = "CAPTCHA Images for Registration & Postings";
$l['setting_captchaimage_desc'] = "If yes, and GD is installed, an image will be shown during registration and posting where users are required to enter the text contained within the image to continue. This helps prevent automated registrations and postings.";

$l['setting_reportmethod'] = "Reported Posts Medium";
$l['setting_reportmethod_desc'] = "Please select from the list how you want reported posts to be dealt with. Storing them in the database is probably the better of the options listed.";
$l['setting_reportmethod_db'] = "Stored in the Database";
$l['setting_reportmethod_pms'] = "Sent as Private Messages";
$l['setting_reportmethod_email'] = "Sent via Email";

$l['setting_statslimit'] = "Stats Limit";
$l['setting_statslimit_desc'] = "The number of threads to show on the stats page for most replies and most views.";

$l['setting_decpoint'] = "Decimal Point";
$l['setting_decpoint_desc'] = "The decimal point you use in your region.";

$l['setting_thousandssep'] = "Thousands Numeric Separator";
$l['setting_thousandssep_desc'] = "The punctuation you want to use . (for example, the setting ',' with the number 1200 will give you a number such as 1,200)";

$l['setting_showlanguageselect'] = "Show Language Selector in Footer";
$l['setting_showlanguageselect_desc'] = "Set to no if you do not want to show the language selection area in the footer of all pages in the board.";

$l['setting_maxmultipagelinks'] = "Maximum Page Links in Pagination";
$l['setting_maxmultipagelinks_desc'] = "Here you can set the number of next and previous page links to show in the pagination for threads or forums with more than one page of results.";

$l['setting_mailingaddress'] = "Mailing Address";
$l['setting_mailingaddress_desc'] = "If you have a mailing address, enter it here. This is shown on the COPPA compliance form.";

$l['setting_faxno'] = "Contact Fax No";
$l['setting_faxno_desc'] = "If you have a fax number, enter it here. This is shown on the COPPA compliance form.";

// Settings for group "Server and Optimization Options"
$l['setting_seourls'] = "Enable search engine friendly URLs?";
$l['setting_seourls_desc'] = "Search engine friendly URLs change the MyBB links to shorter URLs which search engines prefer and are easier to type. showthread.php?tid=1 becomes thread1.html. <strong>Once this setting is enabled you need to make sure you have the MyBB .htaccess in your MyBB root directory (or the equivilent for your web server). Automatic detection may not work on all servers.</strong> Please see <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">The MyBB wiki</a> for assistance.";
$l['setting_seourls_auto'] = "Automatic Detection";
$l['setting_seourls_yes'] = "Enabled";
$l['setting_seourls_no'] = "Disabled";

$l['setting_gzipoutput'] = "Use GZip Page Compression?";
$l['setting_gzipoutput_desc'] = "Do you want to compress pages in GZip format when they are sent to the browser? This means quicker downloads for your visitors, and less traffic usage for you.";

$l['setting_gziplevel'] = "GZip Page Compression Level";
$l['setting_gziplevel_desc'] = "Set the level for GZip Page Compression from 0-9. (0=no compression, 9=maximum compression). This will only take effect if GZip Page Compression is enabled above and if your PHP version is newer than 4.2. If you use an older version of PHP, the default compression level of the zlib library will be used instead.";

$l['setting_standardheaders'] = "Send Standard Headers";
$l['setting_standardheaders_desc'] = "With some web servers, this option can cause problems; with others, it is needed.";

$l['setting_nocacheheaders'] = "Send No Cache Headers";
$l['setting_nocacheheaders_desc'] = "With this option you can prevent caching of the page by the browser.";

$l['setting_redirects'] = "Friendly Redirection Pages";
$l['setting_redirects_desc'] = "This will enable friendly redirection pages instead of bumping the user directly to the page.";

$l['setting_load'] = "*NIX Load Limiting";
$l['setting_load_desc'] = "Limit the maximum server load before MyBB rejects people. 0 for none. Recommended limit is 5.0.";

$l['setting_tplhtmlcomments'] = "Output template start/end comments?";
$l['setting_tplhtmlcomments_desc'] = "This will enable or disable the output of template start/end comments in the HTML.";

$l['setting_use_xmlhttprequest'] = "Enable XMLHttp request features?";
$l['setting_use_xmlhttprequest_desc'] = "This will enable or disable the XMLHttp request features.";

$l['setting_useshutdownfunc'] = "Use PHP's Shutdown Functionality";
$l['setting_useshutdownfunc_desc'] = "This setting for the most part is best left at the default which is detected upon installation. If thread indicators are not updating as well as other meta information, set this setting to 'No'";

$l['setting_extraadmininfo'] = "Advanced Stats / Debug information";
$l['setting_extraadmininfo_desc'] = "Shows Server load, parse time, generation time, Gzip compression, etc on the bottom of all pages in the root folder. Please note that only administrators see this information.";

$l['setting_uploadspath'] = "Uploads Path";
$l['setting_uploadspath_desc'] = "The path used for all board uploads. It must be chmod 777 (on Unix servers).";

$l['setting_useerrorhandling'] = "Use Error Handling";
$l['setting_useerrorhandling_desc'] = "If you do not wish to use the integrated error handling for MyBB, you may turn this option off. However, it is reccommended that it stay on";

$l['setting_errorlogmedium'] = "Error Logging Medium";
$l['setting_errorlogmedium_desc'] = "The type of the error handling to use.";
$l['setting_errorlogmedium_none'] = "Neither";
$l['setting_errorlogmedium_log'] = "Log errors";
$l['setting_errorlogmedium_email'] = "Email errors";
$l['setting_errorlogmedium_both'] = "Log and email errors";

$l['setting_errortypemedium'] = "Error Type Medium";
$l['setting_errortypemedium_desc'] = "The type of errors to show.";
$l['setting_errortypemedium_warning'] = "Warnings";
$l['setting_errortypemedium_error'] = "Errors";
$l['setting_errortypemedium_both'] = "Warnings and Errors";

$l['setting_errorloglocation'] = "Error Logging Location";
$l['setting_errorloglocation_desc'] = "The location of the log to send errors to, if specified.";

$l['setting_enableforumjump'] = "Enable Forum Jump Menu?";
$l['setting_enableforumjump_desc'] = "The forum jump menu is shown on the forum and thread view pages. It can add significant load to your forums if you have a large amount of forums. Set to 'No' to disable it.";

// Settings for group "Date and Time Formats"
$l['setting_dateformat'] = "Date Format";
$l['setting_dateformat_desc'] = "The format of the dates used on the forum. This format uses the PHP date() function. We recommend not changing this unless you know what you're doing.";

$l['setting_timeformat'] = "Time Format";
$l['setting_timeformat_desc'] = "The format of the times used on the forum. This format uses PHP's date() function. We recommend not changing this unless you know what you're doing.";

$l['setting_regdateformat'] = "Registered Date Format";
$l['setting_regdateformat_desc'] = "The format used on showthread where it shows when the user registered.";

$l['setting_timezoneoffset'] = "Default Timezone Offset";
$l['setting_timezoneoffset_desc'] = "Here you can set the default timezone offset for guests and members using the default offset.";

$l['setting_dstcorrection'] = "Day Light Savings Time";
$l['setting_dstcorrection_desc'] = "If times are an hour out above and your timezone is selected correctly, enable day light savings time correction.";

// Settings for group "Forum Home Options"
$l['setting_showdescriptions'] = "Show Forum Descriptions?";
$l['setting_showdescriptions_desc'] = "This option will allow you to turn off showing the descriptions for forums.";

$l['setting_subforumsindex'] = "Subforums to show on Index listing";
$l['setting_subforumsindex_desc'] = "The number of subforums that you wish to show inside forums on the index and forumdisplay pages. Set to 0 to not show the subforum list";

$l['setting_subforumsstatusicons'] = "Show Subforum Status Icons?";
$l['setting_subforumsstatusicons_desc'] = "Show icons indicating whether or not a subforum contains new posts or not? This won't have any effect unless you enabled subforums display on the index.";

$l['setting_hideprivateforums'] = "Hide Private Forums?";
$l['setting_hideprivateforums_desc'] = "You can hide private forums by turning this option on. This option also hides forums on the forum jump and all subforums.";

$l['setting_modlist'] = "Forums' Moderator Listing";
$l['setting_modlist_desc'] = "Here you can turn on or off the listing of moderators for each forum on index.php and forumdisplay.php";

$l['setting_showbirthdays'] = "Show Today's Birthdays?";
$l['setting_showbirthdays_desc'] = "Do you want to show today's birthdays on the forum homepage?";

$l['setting_showwol'] = "Show Who's Online?";
$l['setting_showwol_desc'] = "Display the currently active users on the forum home page.";

$l['setting_showindexstats'] = "Show Small Stats Section";
$l['setting_showindexstats_desc'] = "Do you want to show the total number of threads, posts, members, and the last member on the forum home?";

$l['setting_showforumviewing'] = "Show x viewing forum";
$l['setting_showforumviewing_desc'] = "Displays the currently active users viewing each forum.";

// Settings for group "Forum Display Options"
$l['setting_threadsperpage'] = "Threads Per Page";
$l['setting_threadsperpage_desc'] = "The number of threads to display per page on the forum display";

$l['setting_hottopic'] = "Replies For Hot Topic";
$l['setting_hottopic_desc'] = "The number of replies that is needed for a topic to be considered 'hot'.";

$l['setting_hottopicviews'] = "Views For Hot Topic";
$l['setting_hottopicviews_desc'] = "The number of views a thread can have before it is considered 'hot'.";

$l['setting_usertppoptions'] = "User Selectable Threads Per Page";
$l['setting_usertppoptions_desc'] = "If you would like to allow users to select how many threads per page are shown in a forum, enter the options they should be able to select separated with commas. If this is left blank they will not be able to choose how many threads are shown per page.";

$l['setting_dotfolders'] = "Use 'dot' Icons";
$l['setting_dotfolders_desc'] = "Do you want to show dots on the thread indicators of threads users have participated in.";

$l['setting_browsingthisforum'] = "Users Browsing this Forum";
$l['setting_browsingthisforum_desc'] = "Here you can turn off the 'users browsing this forum' feature.";

$l['setting_announcementlimit'] = "Announcements Limit";
$l['setting_announcementlimit_desc'] = "The number of forum announcements to show in the thread listing on the forum display pages. Set to 0 to disable announcements altogether.";

// Settings for group "Show Thread Options"
$l['setting_postlayout'] = "Post Layout";
$l['setting_postlayout_desc'] = "Allows you to switch between the classic and new horizontal layout modes. Classic mode shows the author information to the left of the post, horizontal shows the author information above the post.";
$l['setting_postlayout_horizontal'] = "Display posts using the horizontal post layout";
$l['setting_postlayout_classic'] = "Display posts using the classic layout";

$l['setting_postsperpage'] = "Posts Per Page";
$l['setting_postsperpage_desc'] = "The number of posts to display per page. We recommend its not higher than 20 for people with slower connections.";

$l['setting_userpppoptions'] = "User Selectable Posts Per Page";
$l['setting_userpppoptions_desc'] = "If you would like to allow users to select how many posts are shown per page in a thread, enter the options they should be able to select separated with commas. If this is left blank they will not be able to choose how many posts are shown per page.";

$l['setting_postmaxavatarsize'] = "Maximum Avatar Dimensions in Posts";
$l['setting_postmaxavatarsize_desc'] = "The maximum dimensions for avatars when being displayed in a post. If an avatar is too large, it will automatically be scaled down.";

$l['setting_threadreadcut'] = "Read Threads in Database (Days)";
$l['setting_threadreadcut_desc'] = "The number of days that you wish to keep thread read information in the database. For large boards, we do not recommend a high number as the board will become slower. Set to 0 to disable.";

$l['setting_threadusenetstyle'] = "Usenet Style Thread View";
$l['setting_threadusenetstyle_desc'] = "Selecting yes will cause posts to look similar to how posts look in USENET. No will cause posts to look the modern way.";

$l['setting_quickreply'] = "Show Quick Reply Form";
$l['setting_quickreply_desc'] = "Allows you to set whether or not the quick reply form will be shown at the bottom of threads.";

$l['setting_multiquote'] = "Show Multi-quote Buttons";
$l['setting_multiquote_desc'] = "The multi-quote button allows users to select a series of posts then click Reply and have those posts quoted in their message.";

$l['setting_showsimilarthreads'] = "Show 'Similar Threads' Table";
$l['setting_showsimilarthreads_desc'] = "The Similar Threads table shows threads that are relevant to the thread being read. You can set the relevancy below.";

$l['setting_similarityrating'] = "Similar Threads Relevancy Rating";
$l['setting_similarityrating_desc'] = "This allows you to limit similar threads to ones more relevant (0 being not relevant). This number should not be over 10 and should not be set low (<5) for large forums.";

$l['setting_similarlimit'] = "Similar Threads Limit";
$l['setting_similarlimit_desc'] = "Here you can change the total amount of similar threads to be shown in the similar threads table. It is recommended that it is not over 15 for 56k users.";

$l['setting_delayedthreadviews'] = "Delayed Thread View Updates";
$l['setting_delayedthreadviews_desc'] = "If this setting is enabled, the number of thread views for threads will be updated in the background by the task schedule system. If not enabled, thread view counters are incremented instantly.";

// Settings for group "User Registration and Profile Options"
$l['setting_disableregs'] = "Disable Registrations";
$l['setting_disableregs_desc'] = "Allows you to turn off the capability for users to register with one click.";

$l['setting_regtype'] = "Registration Method";
$l['setting_regtype_desc'] = "Please select the method of registration to use when users register.";
$l['setting_regtype_instant'] = "Instant Activation";
$l['setting_regtype_verify'] = "Send Email Verification";
$l['setting_regtype_randompass'] = "Send Random Password";
$l['setting_regtype_admin'] = "Administrator Activation";

$l['setting_minnamelength'] = "Minimum Username Length";
$l['setting_minnamelength_desc'] = "The minimum number of characters a username can be when a user registers.";

$l['setting_maxnamelength'] = "Maximum Username Length";
$l['setting_maxnamelength_desc'] = "The maximum number of characters a username can be when a user registers.";

$l['setting_minpasswordlength'] = "Minimum Password Length";
$l['setting_minpasswordlength_desc'] = "The minimum number of characters a password should contain.";

$l['setting_maxpasswordlength'] = "Maximum Password Length";
$l['setting_maxpasswordlength_desc'] = "The maximum number of characters a password should contain.";

$l['setting_customtitlemaxlength'] = "Custom User Title Maximum Length";
$l['setting_customtitlemaxlength_desc'] = "Maximum length a user can enter for the custom user title.";

$l['setting_betweenregstime'] = "Time Between Registrations";
$l['setting_betweenregstime_desc'] = "The amount of time (in hours) to disallow registrations for users who have already registered an account under the same ip address.";

$l['setting_allowmultipleemails'] = "Allow emails to be registered multiple times?";
$l['setting_allowmultipleemails_desc'] = "Select yes if you wish to allow users to sign up with the same email more than once otherwise select no.";

$l['setting_maxregsbetweentime'] = "Maximum Registrations Per IP Address";
$l['setting_maxregsbetweentime_desc'] = "This option allows you to set the maximum amount of times a certain user can register within the timeframe specified above.";

$l['setting_failedlogincount'] = "Number of times to allow failed logins";
$l['setting_failedlogincount_desc'] = "The number of times to allow someone to attempt to login. 0 to disable";

$l['setting_failedlogintime'] = "Time between failed logins";
$l['setting_failedlogintime_desc'] = "The amount of time (in minutes) before someone can try to login again, after they have failed to login the first time. Used if value above is not 0.";

$l['setting_failedlogintext'] = "Display number of failed logins";
$l['setting_failedlogintext_desc'] = "Do you wish to display a line of text telling the user how many more login attempts they have?";

$l['setting_usereferrals'] = "Use Referrals System";
$l['setting_usereferrals_desc'] = "Do you want to use the user referrals system on these forums?";

$l['setting_sigmycode'] = "Allow MyCode in Signatures";
$l['setting_sigmycode_desc'] = "Do you want to allow MyCode to be used in users' signatures?";

$l['setting_maxsigimages'] = "Maximum Number of Images per Signature";
$l['setting_maxsigimages_desc'] = "Enter the maximum number of images (including smilies) a user can put in their signature. Set to 0 to disable images in signatures altogether.";

$l['setting_sigsmilies'] = "Allow Smilies in Signatures";
$l['setting_sigsmilies_desc'] = "Do you want to allow smilies to be used in users' signatures?";

$l['setting_sightml'] = "Allow HTML in Signatures";
$l['setting_sightml_desc'] = "Do you want to allow HTML to be used in users' signatures?";

$l['setting_sigimgcode'] = "Allow [img] Code in Signatures";
$l['setting_sigimgcode_desc'] = "Do you want to allow [img] code to be used in users' signatures?";

$l['setting_siglength'] = "Length limit in Signatures";
$l['setting_siglength_desc'] = "The maximum number of characters a user can place in a signature.";

$l['setting_sigcountmycode'] = "MyCode affects signature length";
$l['setting_sigcountmycode_desc'] = "Do you want MyCode to be counted as part of the limit when users use MyCode in their signature?";

$l['setting_maxavatardims'] = "Maximum Avatar Dimensions";
$l['setting_maxavatardims_desc'] = "The maximum dimensions that an avatar can be, in the format of width<b>x</b>height. If this is left blank then there will be no dimension restriction.";

$l['setting_avatarsize'] = "Max Uploaded Avatar Size";
$l['setting_avatarsize_desc'] = "Maximum file size (in kilobytes) of uploaded avatars.";

$l['setting_avatarresizing'] = "Avatar Resizing Mode";
$l['setting_avatarresizing_desc'] = "If you wish to automatically resize all large avatars, provide users the option of resizing their avatar, or not resize avatars at all you can change this setting.";
$l['setting_avatarresizing_auto'] = "Automatically resize large avatars";
$l['setting_avatarresizing_user'] = "Give users the choice of resizing large avatars";
$l['setting_avatarresizing_disabled'] = "Disable this feature";

$l['setting_avatardir'] = "Avatar Directory";
$l['setting_avatardir_desc'] = "The directory where your avatars are stored. These are used in the avatar list in the User CP.";

$l['setting_avataruploadpath'] = "Avatar Upload Path";
$l['setting_avataruploadpath_desc'] = "This is the path where custom avatars will be uploaded to. This directory <strong>must be chmod 777</strong> (writable) for uploads to work.";

$l['setting_emailkeep'] = "Users Keep Email";
$l['setting_emailkeep_desc'] = "If a current user has an email already registered in your banned list, should he be allowed to keep it.";

$l['setting_coppa'] = "COPPA Compliance";
$l['setting_coppa_desc'] = "If you wish to enable <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">COPPA</a> support on your forums, please select the registration allowance below.";
$l['setting_coppa_enabled'] = "Enabled";
$l['setting_coppa_deny'] = "Deny users under the age of 13";
$l['setting_coppa_disabled'] = "Disable this feature";

$l['setting_allowaway'] = "Allow Away Statuses?";
$l['setting_allowaway_desc'] = "Should users be allowed to set their status to 'Away' with a custom reason & return date?";

// Settings for group "Posting"
$l['setting_minmessagelength'] = "Minimum Message Length";
$l['setting_minmessagelength_desc'] = "The minimum number of characters to post.";

$l['setting_maxmessagelength'] = "Maximum Message Length";
$l['setting_maxmessagelength_desc'] = "The maximum number of characters to allow in a message. A setting of 0 allows an unlimited length.";

$l['setting_maxposts'] = "Maximum Posts Per Day";
$l['setting_maxposts_desc'] = "This is the total number of posts allowed per user per day. 0 for unlimited.";

$l['setting_postfloodcheck'] = "Post Flood Checking";
$l['setting_postfloodcheck_desc'] = "Set to on if you want to enable flood checking for posts. Specify the time between posts below.";

$l['setting_postfloodsecs'] = "Post Flood Time";
$l['setting_postfloodsecs_desc'] = "Set the time (in seconds) users have to wait between posting, to be in effect; the option above must be on.";

$l['setting_postmergemins'] = "Post Merge Time";
$l['setting_postmergemins_desc'] = "With this enabled, posts posted within x minutes by the same author right after each other, will be merged. Set the time limit (in minutes) to merge posts. Set to 0 or leave blank to disable this feature. Default: 60";

$l['setting_postmergefignore'] = "Merge Forums to Ignore";
$l['setting_postmergefignore_desc'] = "Forums, separated by a comma, to exclude from the auto merge feature. Leave blank to disable.";

$l['setting_postmergeuignore'] = "Merge User Groups to Ignore";
$l['setting_postmergeuignore_desc'] = "Usergroups, separated by a comma, to exclude from the merge feature. Default: 4 (Administrator). Leave blank to disable.";

$l['setting_postmergesep'] = "Merge Seperator";
$l['setting_postmergesep_desc'] = "The Seperator to be used when merging two message Default: '[hr]'";

$l['setting_logip'] = "Log Posting IP Addresses";
$l['setting_logip_desc'] = "Do you wish to log ip addresses of users who post, and who to you want to show ip addresses to.";
$l['setting_logip_no'] = "Do not log IP";
$l['setting_logip_hide'] = "Show to Admins &amp; Mods";
$l['setting_logip_show'] = "Show to all Users";

$l['setting_showeditedby'] = "Show 'edited by' Messages";
$l['setting_showeditedby_desc'] = "Once a post is edited by a regular user, do you want to show the edited by message?";

$l['setting_showeditedbyadmin'] = "Show 'edited by' Message for Forum Staff";
$l['setting_showeditedbyadmin_desc'] = "Do you want to show edited by messages for forum staff when they edit their posts?";

$l['setting_maxpostimages'] = "Maximum Images per Post";
$l['setting_maxpostimages_desc'] = "Enter the maximum number of images (including smilies) a user can put in their post. Set to 0 to disable this.";

$l['setting_subscribeexcerpt'] = "Amount of Characters for Subscription Previews";
$l['setting_subscribeexcerpt_desc'] = "How many characters of the post do you want to send with the email notification of a new reply.";

$l['setting_maxattachments'] = "Maximum Attachments Per Post";
$l['setting_maxattachments_desc'] = "The maximum number of attachments a user is allowed to upload per post.";

$l['setting_attachthumbnails'] = "Show Attached Thumbnails in Posts";
$l['setting_attachthumbnails_desc'] = "How do you want images to be shown in posts?";
$l['setting_attachthumbnails_yes'] = "Thumbnail";
$l['setting_attachthumbnails_no'] = "Full Size Image";
$l['setting_attachthumbnails_download'] = "As Download Link";

$l['setting_attachthumbh'] = "Attached Thumbnail Maximum Height";
$l['setting_attachthumbh_desc'] = "Enter the height that attached thumbnails should be generated at.";

$l['setting_attachthumbw'] = "Attached Thumbnail Maximum Width";
$l['setting_attachthumbw_desc'] = "Enter the width that attached thumbnails should be generated at.";

$l['setting_edittimelimit'] = "Edit Time Limit";
$l['setting_edittimelimit_desc'] = "The number of minutes until regular users cannot edit their own posts (if they have the permission). Enter 0 (zero) for no limit.";

$l['setting_wordwrap'] = "Number of Characters before Word Wrapping Occurs";
$l['setting_wordwrap_desc'] = "The maximum number of characters that can be present in a word before a space is automatically inserted. (helps preservation of the forum layout). Set to 0 to disable.";

$l['setting_polloptionlimit'] = "Maximum Poll Option Length";
$l['setting_polloptionlimit_desc'] = "The maximum length that each poll option can be. (Set to 0 to disable).";

$l['setting_maxpolloptions'] = "Maximum Number of Poll Options";
$l['setting_maxpolloptions_desc'] = "The maximum number of options for polls that users can post.";

$l['setting_threadreview'] = "Show Thread Review";
$l['setting_threadreview_desc'] = "Show recent posts when creating a new reply?";

// Settings for group "Member List"
$l['setting_enablememberlist'] = "Enable Member List Functionality";
$l['setting_enablememberlist_desc'] = "If you wish to disable the member list on your board, set this option to no.";

$l['setting_membersperpage'] = "Members Per Page";
$l['setting_membersperpage_desc'] = "The number of members to show per page on the member list.";

$l['setting_default_memberlist_sortby'] = "Default Sort Field";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_sortby_desc'] = "Select the field that you want members to be sorted by default.";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_sortby_regdate'] = "Registration Date";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_sortby_postnum'] = "Post Count";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_sortby_username'] = "Username";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_sortby_lastvisit'] = "Last Visit";

$l['setting_default_memberlist_order'] = "Default Sort Order";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_order_desc'] = "Select the order that you want members to be sorted by default.<br />Ascending: A-Z / beginning-end<br />Descending: Z-A / end-beginning";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_order_ASC'] = "Ascending";
$l['setting_default_memberlist_order_DESC'] = "Descending";

$l['setting_memberlistmaxavatarsize'] = "Maximum Display Avatar Dimensions";
$l['setting_memberlistmaxavatarsize_desc'] = "The maximum dimensions for avatars when being displayed in the member list. If an avatar is too large, it will automatically be scaled down.";

// Settings for group "Reputation"
$l['setting_enablereputation'] = "Enable Reputation Functionality";
$l['setting_enablereputation_desc'] = "If you wish to disable the reputation system on your board, set this option to no.";

$l['setting_repsperpage'] = "Reputation Comments Per Page";
$l['setting_repsperpage_desc'] = "Here you can enter the number of reputation comments to show per page on the reputation system";

// Settings for group "Warning System Settings"
$l['setting_enablewarningsystem'] = "Enable Warning System?";
$l['setting_enablewarningsystem_desc'] = "Set to no to completely disable the warning system.";

$l['setting_allowcustomwarnings'] = "Allow Custom Warning Types?";
$l['setting_allowcustomwarnings_desc'] = "Allow a custom reason and amount of points to be specified by those with permissions to warn users.";

$l['setting_canviewownwarning'] = "Can Users View Own Warnings?";
$l['setting_canviewownwarning_desc'] = "Set to yes to allow users to view recent warnings in their User CP and show their warning level to them in their profile.";

$l['setting_maxwarningpoints'] = "Maximum Warning Points";
$l['setting_maxwarningpoints_desc'] = "The maximum warning points that can be given to a user before it is considered a warning level of 100%.";

// Settings for group "Show Forum Team Options"
$l['setting_showteamleaders'] = "Separate Group Leaders";
$l['setting_showteamleaders_desc'] = "If set to 'yes,' and if there are group leaders, they will be displayed above the other group members.";

// Settings for group "Private Messaging"
$l['setting_enablepms'] = "Enable Private Messaging Functionality";
$l['setting_enablepms_desc'] = "If you wish to disable the private messaging system on your board, set this option to no.";

$l['setting_pmsallowhtml'] = "Allow HTML";
$l['setting_pmsallowhtml_desc'] = "Selecting yes will allow HTML to be used in private messages.";

$l['setting_pmsallowmycode'] = "Allow MyCode";
$l['setting_pmsallowmycode_desc'] = "Selecting yes will allow MyCode to be used in private messages.";

$l['setting_pmsallowsmilies'] = "Allow Smilies";
$l['setting_pmsallowsmilies_desc'] = "Selecting yes will allow Smilies to be used in private messages.";

$l['setting_pmsallowimgcode'] = "Allow [img] Code";
$l['setting_pmsallowimgcode_desc'] = "Selecting yes will allow [img] Code to be used in private messages.";

// Settings for group "Calendar"
$l['setting_enablecalendar'] = "Enable Calendar Functionality";
$l['setting_enablecalendar_desc'] = "If you wish to disable the calendar on your board, set this option to no.";

// Settings for group "Who's Online"
$l['setting_wolcutoffmins'] = "Cut-off Time (mins)";
$l['setting_wolcutoffmins_desc'] = "The number of minutes before a user is marked offline. Recommended: 15.";

$l['setting_refreshwol'] = "Refresh Who's online page Time (mins)";
$l['setting_refreshwol_desc'] = "The number of minutes before the \"Who's online\" page refreshes. 0 is disabled.";

// Settings for group "Portal Settings"
$l['setting_portal_announcementsfid'] = "Forum ID to pull announcements from";
$l['setting_portal_announcementsfid_desc'] = "Please enter the forum ids (fid) of the forum(s) you wish to pull the announcements from. Separate them with a comma (,)..";

$l['setting_portal_numannouncements'] = "Number of announcements to show";
$l['setting_portal_numannouncements_desc'] = "Please enter the number of announcements to show on the main page.";

$l['setting_portal_showwelcome'] = "Show the Welcome box";
$l['setting_portal_showwelcome_desc'] = "Do you want to show the welcome box to visitors / users.";

$l['setting_portal_showpms'] = "Show the number of PMs to users";
$l['setting_portal_showpms_desc'] = "Do you want to show the number of private messages the current user has in their pm system.";

$l['setting_portal_showstats'] = "Show forum statistics";
$l['setting_portal_showstats_desc'] = "Do you want to show the total number of posts, threads, members and the last registered member on the portal page?";

$l['setting_portal_showwol'] = "Show Who's Online";
$l['setting_portal_showwol_desc'] = "Do you want to show the 'Who's online' information to users when they visit the portal page?";

$l['setting_portal_showsearch'] = "Show Search Box";
$l['setting_portal_showsearch_desc'] = "Do you want to show the search box, allowing users to quickly search the forums on the portal?";

$l['setting_portal_showdiscussions'] = "Show Latest Discussions";
$l['setting_portal_showdiscussions_desc'] = "Do you wish to show the current forum discussions on the portal page?";

$l['setting_portal_showdiscussionsnum'] = "Number of latest discussions to show";
$l['setting_portal_showdiscussionsnum_desc'] = "Please enter the number of current forum discussions to show on the portal page.";

// Settings for group "Search System"
$l['setting_searchtype'] = "Search Type";
$l['setting_searchtype_desc'] = "Please select the type of search system you wish to use. You can either chose between \"Standard\", or \"Full Text\" (depending on your database). Fulltext searching is more powerful than the standard MyBB searching and quicker too.";
$l['setting_searchtype_standard'] = "Standard";
$l['setting_searchtype_fulltext'] = "Full Text";

$l['setting_searchfloodtime'] = "Search Flood Time (seconds)";
$l['setting_searchfloodtime_desc'] = "Enter the time in seconds for the minimum allowed interval for searching. This prevents users from overloading your server by constantly performing searches. Set to 0 to disable.";

$l['setting_minsearchword'] = "Minimum Search Word Length";
$l['setting_minsearchword_desc'] = "Enter the minimum number of characters an individual word in a search query can be. Set to 0 to disable (and accept the hard limit default of 3 for standard searching and 4 for MySQL fulltext searching). If you use MySQL fulltext searching and set this lower than the MySQL setting - MySQL will override it.";

$l['setting_searchhardlimit'] = "Hard Limit for Maximum Search Results";
$l['setting_searchhardlimit_desc'] = "Enter the maximum amount of results to be processed. Set to 0 to disable. On larger boards (more than 1 million posts) this should be set to no more than 1000.";

// Settings for group "Clickable Smilies and BB Code"
$l['setting_bbcodeinserter'] = "Clickable MyCode Editor";
$l['setting_bbcodeinserter_desc'] = "Set this option to On to show the clickable code buttons editor on posting pages.";

$l['setting_smilieinserter'] = "Clickable Smilies Inserter";
$l['setting_smilieinserter_desc'] = "Clickable smilies will appear on the posting pages if this option is set to 'on'.";

$l['setting_smilieinsertertot'] = "No. of Smilies to show";
$l['setting_smilieinsertertot_desc'] = "Enter the total number of smilies to show on the clickable smilie inserter.";

$l['setting_smilieinsertercols'] = "No. of Smilie Cols to Show";
$l['setting_smilieinsertercols_desc'] = "Enter the number of columns you wish to show on the clickable smilie inserter.";

// Settings for group "Control Panel Preferences (Global)"
$l['setting_cplanguage'] = "Control Panel Language";
$l['setting_cplanguage_desc'] = "The language of the control panel.";

$l['setting_cpstyle'] = "Control Panel Style";
$l['setting_cpstyle_desc'] = "The Default style that the control panel will use. Styles are inside the styles folder. A folder name inside that folder becomes the style title and style.css inside the style title folder is the css style file.";

// Settings for group "Mail Settings"
$l['setting_mail_handler'] = "Mail handler";
$l['setting_mail_handler_desc'] = "The medium through which MyBB will send outgoing emails.";
$l['setting_mail_handler_mail'] = "PHP mail";
$l['setting_mail_handler_smtp'] = "SMTP mail";

$l['setting_mail_parameters'] = "Additional Parameters for PHP's mail()";
$l['setting_mail_parameters_desc'] = "This setting allows you to set additional parameters for the PHP mail() function. Only used when 'PHP mail' is selected as Mail Handler. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">More information</a>";

$l['setting_smtp_host'] = "SMTP hostname";
$l['setting_smtp_host_desc'] = "The hostname of the SMTP server through which mail should be sent.<br .>Only required if SMTP Mail is selected as the Mail Handler.";

$l['setting_smtp_port'] = "SMTP port";
$l['setting_smtp_port_desc'] = "The port number of the SMTP server through which mail should be sent.<br />Only required if SMTP Mail is selected as the Mail Handler.";

$l['setting_smtp_user'] = "SMTP username";
$l['setting_smtp_user_desc'] = "The username used to authenticate with the SMTP server.<br />Only required if SMTP Mail is selected as the Mail Handler, and the SMTP server requires authentication.";

$l['setting_smtp_pass'] = "SMTP password";
$l['setting_smtp_pass_desc'] = "The corresponding password used to authenticate with the SMTP server.<br />Only required if SMTP Mail is selected as the Mail Handler, and the SMTP server requires authentication.";

$l['setting_secure_smtp'] = "SMTP Encryption Mode";
$l['setting_secure_smtp_desc'] = "Select the encryption required to communicate with the SMTP server.<br />Only required if SMTP Mail is selected as the Mail Handler.";
$l['setting_secure_smtp_0'] = "No encryption";
$l['setting_secure_smtp_1'] = "SSL encryption";
$l['setting_secure_smtp_2'] = "TLS encryption";

$l['setting_mail_logging'] = "Mail Logging";
$l['setting_mail_logging_desc'] = "This setting allows you to set how to log outgoing emails sent via the 'Send Thread to a Friend' feature. In some countries it is illegal to log all content.";
$l['setting_mail_logging_0'] = "Disable email logging";
$l['setting_mail_logging_1'] = "Log emails without content";
$l['setting_mail_logging_2'] = "Log everything";
I can either translate it via-file editing or via ACP, right?
btw shouldn't this be closed?
Yes, you can also edit the language strings via the Admin CP (Configuration > Languages), if you have set the file permissions correctly (i.e. allow the language files to be written). The instructions were made before this functionality was available Smile
Why do you don't close it now then?
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If translators have questions they can ask them in this thread.
I have 2 questions:

1) Could someone create the Greek icons after I give them the translated text, since I have no past experience with Photoshop or any other image editor?

2) I'm resuming a translation made by others and I think the translation files I'm using are from myBB 1.4.2. What and how much has changed since that version until 1.4.6 and how can I include the latest changes in my translation?

Thanks in advance
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I started to translate MyBB 1.4.8 to Hebrew.
I have read the instructions and i switched the system to RTL, but
all the text in the main page is still aligned left, what i need to do?

solved this problem, now this two menus got toghter
i mean this menu that located on the left
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crushed with that menu who located in the right
Quote:Current time: 09-11-2009, 08:05 AM
open buddy list
and now they look like this(you can see in the site)
Quote: *
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Open Buddy List View New Posts | View Today's Posts | Private Messages (Unread 0, Total 0)

how can i transfer the buddy list menu to the left?
Thank you so much Tochjo for this. Really helped me getting started with translating a swedish language pack. Big Grin
Making a swedish language pack for 1.4 at the moment.
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Nice guide but I have some questions :
1-if my language is rtl , how should I make the admin cp right to left too ?
2-how to make the archive rtl too ??
3-is there anything else I need to modify to become rtl ??


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