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One another question: If I set the warning border >0 the textbar width is smaller than the image incl. border. Where can I chance the width of the textbar? The textbar should have the same width like the image with a 1px border...
I updated the settings to allow finer grained formatting of the resized image and message container. All settings are changed via the ACP config. You can download the attachement while the plugin is waiting to be validated. Make sure to deactivate the plugin before replacing the imageresizer_gd.php file as there a couple new settings.

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when i clean the cache in my browser the imageresizer doesn't work Toungue, i need to refresh again the page to make it work again, how i can fix that?
Yep, that's how browsers work. When an image is processed by GD it returns, for the lack of a better term, a virtual file via a header. It isn't physically stored on the server and like most images, is cached on your local system including the resized width and optimized filesize. When you clear your cache, your browser has to download and recache the processed image as well as any images on the page and this is done via a page refresh. Keep in mind that in the ACP, there is the Send No Cache Headers option that is on by default which is recommended for dynamic web sites.
So, is there any way to make it auto resize like the 1.2 version plugin? I hate refreshing all the time
Yeah, mine only works if I refresh the page ... which doesn't do me much good. :|

It's a great concept though, if there's a way to get past this it will be very good.
Yea.. refreshing the page all the time is lame. But this plugin rocks. So need to do more so I wont need us to reload
I am assuming you are refering to an image posted via the Quick Reply form. Keep in mind that the Quick Reply form uses AJAX and dynamically adds the new post. Without a page load event, the resizer does not trigger again. The image resizer has to traverse the loaded page and look for images with the "postimage" classname. Try this: post an image using the Quick Reply form and then view source. You'll see that that post/image doesn't show in the source and hence the DOM, even if triggered by the onsubmit event, will never find the postimage classname. I suppose there may be a way to hook into the xmlhttp functions and I'll look into that.

This is an ugly hack, but the attached imageresizer_gd.php file basically forces a refresh on the Quick Reply form submit event and your image will be resized.

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No, I'm not talking about Quick Reply. Even currently, there are images on pages that are at full size unless I refresh.

I have test your last version, it's ok for me but i have just 1 problem.
In a thread, the image is resize : screen 1
But, when you reply, image isn't resize : screen 2

It's normaly ?

Ps: sorry for my poor english, i'm french.

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