Discuss: Welcome to PR2
Do we have an estimated time of release?

I'm itching to see the ACP and get this up on my boards XD
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We won't be releasing an ETA on the release because of the competition that is currently underway [note, the winners will also be receiving a free domain compliments of me].

The Admin CP is pretty much the same, we've scheduled a redesign for it in a future version, however.
What about the edit button? Some members think they're mods.
It looks to me that edit is fixed on the forums already Big Grin
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Where's the point in making a mybb announcements forum if clearly it's already stating it is for mybb?
Just out of curiosity, does MyBB has the callhome system? Or other free bbs have it?
I may be wrong, but that\'s how I learn :~)
k776 Wrote:Da Dude. I have been playing round with the Plugin system lately and have already managed to make my Welcome Panel [Index] and Rules Page mod. I hope to do QuickTheme soon. The new features mean you can get rid of instal.php, upgrade.php, any template changing and editing of php files Big Grin One or two simple uploads and activate Big Grin If Chris says its ok, I'll upload the plugins in a new thread for everyone to see.

Must, resist.. to breake in to your house... and steal the code... must resist.....

imo release the code to the BIG modders Wink *hint*
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Feel free to join a game if i\'m playing or add me to xfire if you want to join a game.
I was also wondering if there's an option to move the Author information directly over the post, as in vB.

Or will that have to be a mod? Would it be hard to make a mod that changed that?
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Looks like the edit button was fixed, and WOW PR2 is looking great, keep up the good work Chris, cant wait for a realease. Smile

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