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k776 Wrote:I hear they are really close to the Word Press plugins.

I'd poop myself if that happens! LOL Toungue

That would be awesome.
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squall_leonhart69r Wrote:... you can change that as well if you know what your doing...
all you need is graphics.. if your using em.. and to modify the css template heavily...

Yeah! I agree.... It's a bit of fiddling, Big Grin but if it's gonna be different from everyone else, you have to make it yourself. And so far, that's about a day's work, and it still ain't finished. Wink

Now all I need is decent server that doesn't crash all of the time. And after months of frustration, I would advise everyone NOT to use Simplehost. They SUCK!
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@MiNT: 1.0, not Gold Toungue

@BIG_BOSS: MyBB 1.0 is more secure (coding and security wise) than RC4. And SVN probably has less bugs atm than when RC4 was released.
Nicely done guys, as soon as I can afford internet I will come back and start working immediately.

I apoligize for the extended time away. Sad
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