Discuss: MyBB 1.0 PR2 Released
Now it works, but when it comes to the "Database Changes" phase...

mySQL error: 1060
Duplicate column name 'pmnotify'
Query: ALTER TABLE mybb_users ADD pmnotify varchar(3) NOT NULL AFTER pmpopup;

And cannot continue.

What's wrong?
Did you install the PM notification modification previously?

If so you're going to need to comment out lines 277 to 333 (add a /* to the beginning of 277 and a */ to the end of 333) and refresh the page again.
I commented out those lines in upgrade.php, refreshed the page, but after clicking next I have this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: next_function() in /web/htdocs/www.unprogged.com/home/install/upgrade.php on line 131
Sorry, i meant upgrade3.php - not upgrade.php.
Chris Boulton Wrote:Sorry, i meant upgrade3.php - not upgrade.php.

Ok, modded.

I've rerun the upgrade.php script but when it comes to "Attachment Conversion to Files" phase this error is shown:

Converting attachments 1 to 50 (31 Total)
mySQL error: 1060
Duplicate column name 'uid'
Query: ALTER TABLE mybb_attachments ADD uid smallint(6) NOT NULL AFTER posthash;
You cant rerun it from the beginning, you need to run it from where you left off.

So upgrade.php?action=3_dbchanges2
Thank you, I've succeded upgrading the board. Smile
When trying to open the admin panel in firefox, it did something really weird. It wento back to the admin login page, but kinda multiplied across the screen. :s Screenshot attached.

Worked fine in IE.

It is still doing it, and I can't find a reason why...

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I'm having trouble reinstalling previous themes... :\
You wont be able to install your previous themes - you'll need to recreate them. This is due to how much the theme system changed from RC4 to this release. Sorry

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