Discuss: MyBB 1.0 PR2 Released
Fourjays Wrote:When trying to open the admin panel in firefox, it did something really weird. It wento back to the admin login page, but kinda multiplied across the screen. :s Screenshot attached.

Worked fine in IE.

It is still doing it, and I can't find a reason why...
Delete your cookies (specifically the one called mybbadmin) and login. For some reason this is an issue when you login after upgrading or installing that only happens the first time.
Its fixed now. I had to clear the cache, cookies, saved form and history info from firefox before it worked...
woooo hooo!!!!! expect a handful of new skins soon Big Grin
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I believe there are already about 5 or so that are pretty much compatible - you'll see them soon.
Fourjay: clear your browser's cache and you will no longer have that problem.
Peter Akkies
Im just trying to figure out this new theme system now. Isn't there an easy way to convert the old data, coz Im getting lost... It seems more complicated than most of the php and html based systems I have used. Sad
I just upgraded from RC4, and I lost all the borders and formatting around my forum listing. How can I fix this?

Check it out:
Anyone know where I can get MyBB RC4 again? This versions templating/theming system is terrible. I don't feel as if I am in control of the look... Sad
Converting everything would be a huge work for me... also because there I can't find the CSS template and toplinks template :\

I'm staying with RC4 (I just hope someone will code a template converter one day).

However, thank you for this awesome release (I see that the theme manager is almost the same as vBulletin).
Yay! Cant wait to check it out.

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