Not Solved Afreshblack 1.4 is there one for 1.2?
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I had this skin on my 1.4 board but now i'm back on 1.2 i was wondering if it was out for that too?

I tired the 1.4 version but not to my surprise is didn't work I'm really hoping it's out on 1.2?

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To my knowledge, no, there is no 1.2 version as it was created for MyBB 1.4. Your best bet would be to contact the author and ask them.
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I doubt Justin would make a theme for 1.2, as 1.2 support will be dropped in the next year. Most themes will be made for 1.4 from now on. I've started only doing 1.4's, and I'm sure it will catch on.
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