[Request] Facebook Connect Plugin
Facebook Connect is the next evolution of Facebook Platform - enabling you to integrate the power of Facebook Platform into your own site. Enable your users to...

Seamlessly "connect" their Facebook account and information with your site
Connect and find their friends who also use your site
Share information and actions on your site with their friends on Facebook

This would be an awesome plugin!

Vote for this plugin!

This has got to be developed now, it is the killer app for forums and would make MyBB the choice for any Facebook group that realises that the group unctions in FB suck.

I think has got to be the most needed function of MyBB, Facebook has a huge amount of groups and people would love if the facebook groups worked like proper forums where you can subscribe to threads, have quoting, email notifications, Sigs and RSS feeds etc

Please Please Please someone develop this..
Sounds good to me too Smile
What do admins and moderators think about this?
This is the no-1 plugin that i have been looking at for forums for ages, i have been playing with facebook connect, and i dont think it would be that hard to implement, because you can download a demo PHP site from the developers area!
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still no one comin forward to do this ????
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Really need Confused ┬┐any can make this?
I've mentioned it a few times myself, would love someone to take this on.

I have two forums running IPB and they've boosted in activity since they included fb connect in version 3, it would be a beneficial plugin for mybb's progression too. With the free forum packages currently standing, it would make mybb even more popular and I'd be willing to contribute to such a plugin if created.

heck yeah, great idea
People who don't know anything about PHP should stop saying how easy it would be... It took me an hour to implement it on my comment script for my blog. Implementing it with an entire forum? That would take some serious work.
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if anyone else can do it, then I'll do it Toungue
but forget to agree to release hahaha


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