WYSIWYG BBCode Editor?
I have always supported the idea for a WYSIWYG editor for MyBB, but I also see valid reasons of why one didn't make it into the release. Also, being a bit on the difficult side of scripting, a 1.4 plugin for one has yet to appear. I have found plenty of pre-made WYSIWYG editors, but they all work with HTML, which means that users switching to a regular TextArea would make my forum vulnerable. Does anyone know of a working WYSIWYG BBCode editor that I can possibly work with?
It seems that FCKeditor is a security risk, so I've changed my post.
Ok, well I've been taking a look at HotEditor (MOD version 4.2), and after hours of hard work, I've only got it partly working for 1.4: it works perfectly in Quick Edit and Signature Edit, in New Reply it only works if there is no formatting, otherwise it says 'message missing', and everywhere else it also get 'message missing'. Also, switching from WYSIWYG mode to TextArea mode loses all data, but not vice versa. Would anybody by willing to help or at least take a look at this? My forum is http://mercx.exofire.net, I can give you a test account to take a look at what I have so far if you'd look.
Guess not...
Ok, nvm, I've got a 95% working HotEditor in 1.4. The only current problems are the 'Size' drop-down causing the 'Missing Message' error and the Quick Edit causing the page to jump to the Quick Reply (Quick Edit still works though).

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