plugin update
hi everybodie!!!

i am here becasue i need someone update the plugin attached in this post please, i really need it Sad

Thanks in advance

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.php   shortportalann.php (Size: 2.82 KB / Downloads: 79)
Haven't tested this, so tell me if it works:

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.php   shortportalann.php (Size: 2.78 KB / Downloads: 64)
Fatal error: Call to undefined method postParser::strip_mycode() in C:\Archivos de programa\AppServ\www\Upload\inc\plugins\shortportalann.php on line 68

i tested in localhost and give me that error Sad
Try this, in the above attached file, find:
$temp = $parser->strip_mycode($announcement['message']);
replace with:
$temp = &$announcement['message'];

This may break some MyCode on the portal page however.
now works perfect

Thanks men!!!

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