2 Plugin Requests for My New Site
Sorry if these are too complicated or unclear, but I really need them. If I can get a PayPal within the next few weeks, I guess my budget would be $10-20 dollars, but I would really like someone to help me out the wish to help me. I will be willing to make that person a Mentor/Wiki Ops on my new site. Thanks!
Custom Profile Field Based Permission
Version: MyBB 1.4
Description: I will be running a administrator community, so I need this plugin to make sure the site that they type into the "Website Profile Field" is theirs. What it will be is where people can only start threads or post when their site is validated.
Website Ranking
Version: MyBB 1.4
Description: I need something where you can check the status of your site and stuff, but I'm going to need the Custom Profile Field Based Permission before this one. I need this plugin to be similar www.checkmyranks.com, but I don't want to get into trouble with DragonFever (Hope you can agree to this...). I would wish the link looked like this: http://www.mydomain.com/user-(uid)-website.html. I'd also be very happy if it was in the MyBB Table.
Thanks for helping!!!
Well for the first part, you can do this without any plugins by having two usergroups. One usergroup would be called "Unvalidated" and you can set that to be the default. And adjust the permissions so that they can only do what you want.

Then once an admin verifies their status they can put them in the validated usergroup with the proper permissions.
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Yeah, I kinda already thought of that one, and thought it wouldn't work out that well...but I'll use it temporarily I guess. But I still kinda need the 2nd plugin, and I guess I can make it Group Permissions instead.
Sorry for double posting, but I need this kinda urgent. is $10 ok?

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