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[1.4] MyBBoard Professional V2.1
I am just finishing off updates to my previous MyBBoard Professional theme. I hope to be releasing it tomorrow, but you can view it first at our site. Included in this update will be a beta of the new Youtube VideoBox'. It includes custom options including, videobox colours, borders and sizes.

To take advantage of getting this theme and new plugin, you must register at our site. Click the link below,and change the theme to 'MyBBoard Professional 2.1" at the bottom of the site. Comments are appreciated =D
[Image: logo2ue.png]
Very nice Smile

Looks great. Like the colours and the header is great Smile
[Image: jag100sigaf5.jpg]
[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]
Thanks Jag. Your comment is appreciated =]
[Image: logo2ue.png]
awesome theme men!!!

great job!!!
Thank you =]
[Image: logo2ue.png]
looks cool bud - Check this cool site out! - my dutch clan site!
Not bad at all Smile, don't really like the pink though...
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Nice theme great job!
Thanks =] To Zash, you can change the colour of that part to suit your needs =] That's just the default for IPB so I carried it over ;]
[Image: logo2ue.png]
Very nice theme though i do not see how it looks like IPB pro

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