Not Solved HotEditor 4.2 WYSIWYG BBCode Editor for MyBB 1.4 Release 2
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Well, someone said it was ok to do this, so:

Info: HotEditor is a WYSIWYG editor by I have updated HotEditor 4.2 MOD version to work with MyBB 1.4. This is currently the only working WYSIWYG BBCode editor adapted for MyBB 1.4. It will replace the TextArea for newthread.php, newreply.php, showthread.php (Quick Reply), xmlhttp_inline (Quick Edit), editpost.php, private.php (Private Messaging) and usercp.php (Signature editing). For anyone who wants to use a regular plaintext BBCode editor, all they have to do is toggle the 'Rich Text Mode' by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner (choice is remembered as default for future use per user).


Known Issues:
  • Some spaces between words and symbols are occasionally removed in long posts for some reason. I think this may be related to copy-pasted content, but I haven't confirmed if this happens with normally typed text.
  • [size] tags cause "message missing" error. I have no idea how to fix this.
  • Using Quick Edit causes the page to jump to the Quick Reply box. The Quick Edit box still opens and functions normally.
  • Switching between plaintext and richtext mode occasionally erases the data in the box.
  • Sometimes post edits won't update because they aren't detected (similar to the problem with [size] tags).

  • [size] tags now work in the quick reply box if typed in manually.
  • Fixed Quick Reply form not resetting when posting a Quick Reply.
  • Changed theme to better fit into MyBB (IMO of course). I think any HotEditor theme will work with this release if you can find any.

Download: See attachment.

Instructions: See readme.txt (in attached zip file).

*NOTICE*: You need the MyCode Pack by ZiNgA BuRgA (you can find it in the mod section) installed for all of the editor buttons to work:

*NOTICE*: If the editor does not work on your newthread.php page or signatures do not update using the editor, double check that the templates you modified are intact, and not all on one line. Improperly copied or pasted template modifications will break the editor code.

HotEditor is Copyright © I claim no rights or ownership of HotEditor or any files included in this zip (except for the readme's).

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Do you mean this as te requirerd MyCode pack ?
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(2008-08-15, 05:30 AM)Erikbe Wrote: hi,

Do you mean this as te requirerd MyCode pack ?
I have updated the post with a link.
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i installed this version of hoteditor , followed every step , double checked if all the template editing is as instructed ,

activated my codes but still facing the same problem ,

Do you want me to promote you as an admin in my test forum ? so that you may check if every thing is done according to your instructions?
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That would be nice, if you can. I know what the problem is, but I'm not sure if something else is breaking your templates.
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ok now promoted as admin Smile let me know when you are done
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Try what I said in the other thread. You template page in the Admin CP looks different then mine, so I'm pretty sure there is a version/code difference.
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Ok let me upload the version 1.4 once again and then i will try following the steps to upload the files and modifications for hoteditor
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When you are done, kindly lock/remove the install folder Smile
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hot editor is not the only WYSIWYG Editor for MyBB

you can also take TynieMCE

You just need to upload the Javascript files and edit the template File

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