How to make forum open up to next level
My forum does not have any sub forums by design. When a user first goes to my site, they have to hit the "my forum" to go to all the threads. Is there anyway to have the forum open up showing all the threads under "my forum" without the obvious answer of using the url of the opened forum ?

and real quick, can i change the name of "my forum" ?

The easiest solution would probably be to put up a redirect.
Back up your copy of index.php, then copy and paste the following code into Notepad (or another text editor).

header('Location: forumdisplay.php?fid=2');
Save this file as index.php and overwrite your current index.php with this one.

For your second question, you can change the name via AdminCP -> Forums -> *My Forum*
wow Zinga ..

how dare they say you are a weak member ...

your kunfu is STRONG !!! ... LOL

everything worked perfectly, I was worried about the index.php thingy ... the one
I replaced had about 100 lines of code in it and I just didnt believe that yours
could effectively replace it.

I have a million more questions and dont know if I should start another thread or
just ask it here .. so .. I'll ask here and you can let me know if new questions
belong in new threads.

anyways ...

how do I remove or alter the the registering agreement screen. the nature of my site
allows some ruff posts, and I dont want to scare away posters.

Hi, the registration agreement can be edited in two ways.
For the original text, it's stored in AdminCP -> Configuration -> Languages -> *English* -> member.lang.php
Search for "agreement" and scroll down (you should see each section broken up).

Alternatively, you can edit AdminCP -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> *select your templateset* -> Member Templates -> member_register_agreement (you'll need to be familiar with HTML)

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