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i need help with the portal in mybb 1.4 i have this issue:


i don't know why the portal blocks are much wider than normal, and when you press F5, or the refresh button in your navigator, the portal blocks returned to their normal size Sad ... and then if you press ctrl+F5 to clean the cache the portal blocks are much wider than normal again Confused

My Forum: Anime Maniax

please help
It appears fine for me, I hit F5 and Ctrl+F5 and it appears normal on my end. I am using Firefox 3.
It's because of the size one of the screenshots. Not sure which one now though as I refreshed. It's weird though as after the refresh it seemed to disappear.
yeah it's very wird, but i don't know why this happened Sad

It's that post that's causing the problem some how.

It seems on the first pass your images aren't thumbnails so you when you refresh they become thumbnails. It's weird but that's the problem.

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