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Basic help... Connecting to mysql
I can't get past the Database configuration.

My serverhost has a knowledge base where i found info that says not to use "localhost" as my servername. They say to use what it says when i log onto myphpadmin. It gives a IP address and a server name. The server name is IG88 and the IP is I set up the database with a password and user name.

I still have the error:


There seems to be one or more errors with the database configuration information that you supplied:

* Could not connect to the database server at '' with the supplied username and password. Are you sure the hostname and user details are correct?

Once the above are corrected, continue with the installation.

Any suggestions?

Are you using "" as the hostname? If so, please contact your host, as they will be able to confirm that you are using the correct hostname.


your not suppose to put your forum url as the host name, i use 000webhost and the data base name is in the mysql setup.
Coming soon..
sounds like you are using go to your mysql area and you will see mysql server:

it will look like

Your host may vary.

your database is the thing you set up your database name will be like: Your cp login name_name of data base

and your username will be like: your cp login name_name of database.

also dont forget that password you had to put it.

If it still doesn't connect look at the mysql page and go to the bottom It may say something like Add User to database. Click the button and select all save and try to reconnect again.

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