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I am Really Needing Help
First off, I am quite new to FTP and such so.....yeah.
I am needing detailed instructions on how to install MyBB. I know that there is a Wiki on the subject, but those never really seem to work with me.
Lets see....What is the best FREE Web host that I can use with MyBB?
Once I have registered with that host, what do I do? What do I do with the files? I also do not know much at all with FTP. What do I do with that?
If anymore details are needed, please tell me.
Sorry for being a bother, but I am just new to web hosts and such, just not to forums.
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u got aim ill explain to you
Coming soon..
No. Could you private message me?
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ya ill do that
Coming soon..
Thanks. Smile
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I suggest one you get your account make a Mysql databse, upload all the files to your main folder or /forum if you want a website. then go to or if you add a domain and walk through the steps. once you get the the mysql part, Look back at your sql area, You will see that your mysql server is like put in your username and database (they are the same). it will look like freehostiausername_databasename and put in the password you assigned. then keep hit next and walk throug the steps. at the end delete the install folder and you are set.

***To use FTP***
Download a FTP program I suggest CuteFTP or Filzilla.

Put in your URL and your username and your password
Take all the files from your local host and upload to the folder you want.
Next time try to keep the support on the forum instead of the private channel. That way other people can also use this as a resource. Thanks.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member

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