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new shop mod
i am soon to release a shop mod that has a shop, bank, jobs, lottery, and a few other things! My friends and team and i have been working on it for the past 2 months to release on phpBB unfortunently someone beat us there! So with a few changes in the coding we will soon release it to myBB 1.4! It will have a specials shop to buy username changes, add color to your name/title, and it will have unlimited space for all the shops you want! You get to customize your shops and pick what items go into the shops, the price, and if you want an image to represent the item! Your users earn money by posting, winning the lottery, getting a job, and putting money in the bank where they earn interest( you can set the interest rate!) Plus it has many more features that we will announce closer to the release date in about 3 weeks! Hope people enjoy it! Also we will have a live demo of it! We may even make it compatible with both myBB 1.2 and 1.4Smile

I can NOT wait.
Sounds like it'll be really, really, awesome.
Big Grin
[Image: logo.png]
yep it will be! And the reason im not going to announce the final items until release is they are really awesome and are going to be a surprise

Shouldn't this be in the development section? Anyways, awesome!
Veetri Design & Development, or developer news at Changry
well i dont know the development of it is practically done were just working out a few kinks before we release it! Besides this is a big project weve invested a few hundred dollars in! Just incase anyones wondering i work for (i mean own) World Mods Inc. We make all kinds of different mods for all kinds of different sites and we came to myBB and decided to make the Shop Mod for them since we got beat to it on phpBB

Hope you luck in releasing it!
Veetri Design & Development, or developer news at Changry
I'll be awaiting the release!
ok thanks for the support guys its going to be great
my friends and team and i have been waiting for this day for quite awhile! And ive been PMed this question already like 6 times: Are you nervous about the release? Our Answer: You better freakin believe it! All the parts going into this think about everything that could go wrong, think of all the bugs it could have!
also were cought up in trying to think of a name for it!
Were thinking World Shops Mod V1.0.0
Because our buisness is World Mods Inc.

Brilliant i will really be needing this

1 question thoe
do people receive points/money (wat ever u call it in this plugin) by posting threads, posts and even get points when somebody replys to your thread
i hope it will be one of the best mods for mybb
can wait get this mod Wink

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