Discuss: MyBB 1.0 PR2 Update (Rev: 686)
My avatars aren't working - was the variable $post[useravatar] changed?
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Atloz Wrote:
Chris Boulton Wrote:For installation, please see the included documents in the docs folder of the release.

In this new package there is no more the DOCs folder!
This is because only the updated files are in this package. The documentation from PR2 will still work for this updated version.
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paolo90 Wrote:My avatars aren't working - was the variable $post[useravatar] changed?
I have the sam problem, it shows them in user cp, but not on boardSad
I suppose you also have the quick reply problem?
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@ kilroy
Yes in the Chris' post. But in the site there is the full package and no more docs folder.
I know that documentation is the same but mine was only a reference to make known how to help new user. How a new user can have documentation if the new package is without it?

k776 Wrote:People. Read instructions! Not doing so will stuff up you forum. knol, that error is occuring because the field has already been made prevoiusy. ...............
So, backup your forum to what you had, upload only the changed files (not inlcuding ones under install/ since you have already installed/upgraded!), and you have upgraded your forum. No need to install or upgrade. Just replace files.
Stupid me, I will try this later on, tnhx...(feeling very dumb....)Rolleyes
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still i have the problem of login as admin... can't login to admin cp after upgrade it says You are either not a valid administrator or have not logged in.Please login below.

whats wrong Sad
delete all your cookies and retry with login.
which version will include mod cp and mass prune ? so i can know when i should update
Not entirly sure, but probably 1.2.

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