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are there still a lot of bugs you guys are working on in the PR2?
I am planning an upgrade for a RC4 to PR2 for a forum and now that all the pioneers have migrated (how do you recognize a pioneer in the wild west....they are the ones with all the arrows in the back)....and I've seen quite a few fixes that have been introduced since....is it safe for me to move without having to do daily fixes....rather only a final upgrade to 1.0 Final

wait for the final if you don't want to worry about fixes
You can do as squall said, but the reason why we released PR2 is due to the fact that we feel that it's stable enough for public use. The reason why chris released a small "modular" patch was to fix a couple of holes found and just a few of the obvious and annoying bugs for PR2. But other than that, there aren't any real dilapidating issues to work for PR2. Just some features that haven't been implemented yet.

If I were you, I'd upgrade right away. PR2 fixes the many many bugs found on RC4 and fixes a lot of the holes found also. You can stay, but you run the risk of being attacked and RC4 isn't supported anymore. Also remember, your themes will NOT stay with you if you do upgrade.
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I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with MyBBThemes
i just noticed that the reason why people are having problems with some themes is becoz the theme exporter doesn't export all the fields that make up a fully customised theme

when you export a theme and the message comes up, click ok to manually select the exportable options

then select no on the first and third radio buttons and click export

this will export all fields required to install the theme on another board
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one of my users had that issue recently as well Smile

there are 4 files missing in the official full download, compared to the zip i just uploaded.. i think that was causing some issues for absorbation, and some other users
If you did not find the documentation in the zip file, you can also obtain it here:

.zip   Documentation.zip (Size: 41.54 KB / Downloads: 385)
Awesome, keep up the great work! Smile

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