Reputation system
Is there ANY way to change it, so members can receive 1 Reputation point everyday the account is active/views the forum?

I only see options to give/remove..

This is the ONLY thing stopping me from getting this...Is there a MOD if this isn't a feature? Can I suggest this as a MOD?

Thanks in advance
Anyone? This is the only thing I need Sad
Well, that's odd. You want to give +1 reputation everyday for members who view the forum?

I think that can obviously go as a plugin.
I'm tryin to find it, and I don't see it..
I only see one so someone can give more then 1 reputation, to the same person a day. - I was curious if there was something that automatically gives them 1 reputation everytime they view my forum, instead of only getting reputation, if someone gives you one.

Is there a way to put the UserID# in the profile? So when someone sees it, they will see what # they are?
Someone please *tears up*

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