Request: Automatic Daily Reputation points
Vbulletin offers this, and I'm not quite sure why this doesn't have it..(maybe I over looked it) - it's QUITE popular now days...

But a lot of ppl go on Forums to look and read, and just basically, lurk. I would like to know if you have, or could possibly create a Daily Reputation System.

When member/user logs in, and views one of the forums - They will be declaired 'active' for that day, and at a given point in time (lets say 12:00am) - every person who was active that day, would get 1 point added.

Basically another tally to state how long you've been there, how often you show up...

Also: is there a plug in, or setting (might have missed it in the demo) - t hat allows you to put the UserID# in their profile (when someone views it), so you can see what registration # they are, admin be #1, staff is UserID#2/3/4 and then so on and so forth..
MyBB tracks how long a user has been online for, and the last time logged in but your request sounds slightly different (though IMO, those two should be suffice to see how often a user is logging in).

As for the UID in profiles, try this variable in the member_profile template:

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