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In an attempt to improve search engine indexing of my forum, I have added META keywords and a description to the headerinclude template. However, now Google is complaining that all my pages have the duplicate META tags and suggests that I use a program to generate META tags based on the page content. Does anyone know of a plugin or script that can dynamically generate META tags based on the contents of a MyBB forum or thread? Is there a simple modification I can make to forumdisplay.php and showthread.php to automatically pull content from the MyBB database and format it into META tags? Currently, all pages on my site are indexed with the META description, preventing searchers from determining the content of any page on my site.
Just search for the word 'meta' in the MyBB mods section:

Choose your favorite one, and check it's for 1.4
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Thank you, it's working perfectly now, and I jumped to the first result for a search in less than an hour!

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